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Anne is the Host of our “Souls Sisters” Radio Show, on Thursdays, with Co-Host Sue Schumacher….

25 Mar 2018

Join us on Mar 29: Discussing The “Soul Sisters” Show, Thursdays! Join Host Dr Dax Carlisle, as he welcomes new Hosts: Sue Schumacher and Anne Anoulla, and they discuss their *New Show, on “Psychic Talk Radio” Thursdays! Dax, Anne and Sue will also be chatting about doing Radio & Podcasts, taking your calls for Questions [...]

Mar 29: Discussing The “Soul Sisters” Show, Thursdays!

23 Mar 2018

Join Host Dr Dax Carlisle, as he welcomes new Hosts: Sue Schumacher and Anne Anoulla, and they discuss their *New Show, on “Psychic Talk Radio” Thursdays! Dax, Anne and Sue will also be chatting about doing Radio & Podcasts, taking your calls for Questions and offering Mini-Readings, for their Callers, LIVE On-Air! Click here for [...]

Apr 2: Psychic Talk Radio Network Kick-Off Party!

23 Mar 2018

Listen to Psychic Talk Radio Network on Monday 2th of 2018. It's a kick-off party online. "The Hosts of “Psychic Talk Radio” gather to celebrate the Official Launch of The Network! …Join us for our Kick-Off Party, Live On-Air ….Call in and Chat with us! ….and get a Mini-Reading!" For more information click here

Live Psychics Readings Radio Show 10 th of December 2017

7 Dec 2017

I am proud to announce that I am going to be live on an online worldwide radio show Sunday 10 th of December 2017, 7 pm (UK). Angel Realms Radio and host Bernadette Garvin is joined by Psychics from all around the world. Join the show and get a free live online reading on the [...]

Psychics & Healers Facebook 24th November 2017

24 Nov 2017

Thank you all who participated in tonights event. We had a bliss and a lot of fun toghether. I’m honored to have been able to participate myself in Anthony Guy Parkers online psychic event. Thank you Anthony! Click here to watch the event Much love, light, peace, joy and blessings to you all I have [...]

Join Earth Angels on Facebook

24 Sep 2017

Join our new group EARTH ANGELS on Facebook. A source of inspiration about Angels. The purpose of this group is to inspire each other, support each other, talk about signs and guidance from the Angels and the Universe, give hope, give love, give joy, give peace. We all hold a piece of the puzzle to how all is connected and works spiritually. This is what we share here, love, light and peace.

What is Soul Realignment?

14 Sep 2017

Soul Realignment is a beautiful, powerful healing modality wich sheds light on who your are at a soul level, what you have in your Akashic Records that affects you in this life.  All is energy and many energetic issues follow us from lifetime to lifetime. Simply because we are unaware of them. This dosen't mean that [...]

Angelic Realms Radio show Aug 27th

29 Aug 2017

I was a guest to Bernadette Garvin at her radioshow "Angelic Realms Radio" Aug 27th 2017 and it was so fun. Bernadette is a true Earth Angel and so very beautiful, gentle and kind. We had a great chat and did a few readings together as well. I am so honored to have been Bernadette [...]

Rise like a Phoenix

22 Aug 2017

There is so much beauty on the spiritual path. So many teachings, so many signs to follow, so much energy in movement. Because we stand in the middle of our lives and we have this wish to explore and develop ourselves, it is easy to be caught up in all the things that happen around [...]

Angels of God

6 Sep 2016

THE ANGELS OF GOD I believe that guide angles have been around us since the beginning of time. You have the Angels powers of God in your life, from the moment you born. God Angels are around us to guide, guard and force us to spiritual advancing in our life. From the moment of creation [...]

Archangel Raziel

6 Sep 2016

The Archangel Raziel is the keeper of secrets and mysteries and Gods Keeper of Secrets. The meaning of his name is "Secrets of God". His specific number is 13 and the stone that represents him is obsidian. Being the embodiment of the secrets of God makes Raziel a very powerful angel. It is up to [...]

Another Earth Angel

22 Aug 2016

He is another Earth Angel doing great charitywork. Read more about it here. Read more about it here. Mission trip to Rajamandri

A true Earth Angel

21 Aug 2016

This incredible woman does volunteer work filled with Light, Love, Healing, Compassion and Honesty. I just have to share what she does, because she is a true Earth Angel. What she does is rare today. Read more about her and her work here   


21 Jun 2016

Create a Timeline for yourself. That is a consious act for placeing focused energy of what you desire on on a specific date in your future.

Meditation for the 5th dimensional chakras

21 Jun 2016

I want to share a wonderful initiation and meditation with you from Diana Cooper. As we evolve on the spiritual path, we need to attune our vibration continiously.  Here is a great exercise to work some of the higher chakras into your bodies and aura.  Meditation and Initiation into the 12 Fifth Dimensional Chakras  Find [...]

Spiritual guidance & signs

10 Jun 2016

We are surrounded by signs from the Universe, our spiritual guides and helpers, the Angels and the Ascended Masters. In reality all are signs. We see the reality that is based on what we believe, say, feel and think. When we see odd events that suddenly appear in front of us, it's most often our [...]

Story of the Candle

8 Jun 2016

This spring I went to Rhodes, Greece for a Holiday. I used to live in Rhodes for about ten years 1991 - 2001. A big piece of my heart will always belong to Greece, the exceptionally friendly people and the whole atmosphere. There are many powerplaces in Greece. It's an old and fascinating country with [...]

Some thoughts about healing

6 Jun 2016

I have been on this spiritual path for many years. I can truly say that when we seek the proper help, send out our wish for help and healing to the Universe and do our best to follow the guidance we receive, miracles do happen. Healing, growth and learning is a continuously ongoing process.  Healing very often [...]

Angels, Spiritual Guides and Helpers

26 May 2016

Did you ever feel the presence of one or more of all your helpers? Everyone have Angels, spiritual guides and helpers surrounding them.  They show themselves to us in many different ways. You might get a tingling sense of a presence and you might see sign all around you. It's very common that Angels for example [...]

Prayer and meditation for releasing

30 Nov 2015

Prayer for letting go/releasing I forgive all known or unknown people, spirits or anything else that ever wounded, hurt or cursed me. At the same time, I ask for forgiveness from all known or unknown people, spirits or anything else that I have wounded, hurt or cursed. I call on the Law of Forgiveness with [...]

True love, illusion and the ego

21 Nov 2015

The purpose of love is to let go of judgement entirely. To let go of judgement entirely you need to let go and release all past. The past doesn't exist any more. It's gone and it will never return. It will only stay energetically if you let your ego keep it here. If you release it [...]


10 Nov 2015

Forgiveness is so easy and yet so hard. Forgiveness is absolutely one of the most important things in your life. Why? Because you put restrictions on yourself and others when you are unable to honestly forgive. Forgiveness is an act of great self-esteem and strength. When you don't forgive someone, you keep the negative energy alive. To [...]

Spirituality and life

9 Nov 2015

My wish is to spread joy, inspiration, confidence and to help you to develop on your spiritual path. The Angels love to have fun and they want us to enjoy our lifes and to feel gratitude. During my life there have been many different experiences, just like for most of us. I travelled through life [...]