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Do you have an important message to share with the world? Do you have a dream to write a book, build a speaking career, appear on TV, or host your own radio show?  You could be the next Hay House author!

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The most successful authors, teachers, and speakers know that it takes a firm commitment of time and energy to build the kind of platform that not only reaches millions, but also grabs the interest of publishers, producers, editors, or speaker's bureaus. If you're a mover and shaker, and you’re ready to make that kind of commitment, then you'll want to register now for this exciting event!

Industry experts Cheryl Richardson and Hay House President and CEO, Reid Tracy work with you directly to share key points to catapult your career including:

Learn how to take your public speaking career to the next level and how to:

Learn new concepts in building your personal brand including:

PLUS! Learn the 10 rules for building a strong foundation for a successful, long-term public career! Launch Your Multi-Media Career in 2018! 

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All orders from Amazon on this page and through the links to Amazon on this page goes through Amazon US. If you wish to purchase through Amazon UK, visit Angelplace on Earth Sweden. Please note that avaliable books in Amazon US and Amazon UK can differ. 


Anne is a Co-Author in "Warrior Women With Angel Wings - Born to Love" and the NEW "Warrior Women With Angel Wings - Illuminate your Joy". It's wonder-filled additions to the Warrior Men and Women Series of books by Sundi and Joe Sturgeon. Heartfelt, real, empowering and amazing are a few of the words to describe the stories that are written in these books! You will be inspired, uplifted and encouraged as you turn the pages in these incredible books. Get your own books today and read these unique and beautiful stories. You can find all books in the series "Warrior Women With Angel Wings" here ...

Below are some books that Anne can highly recommend. The books cover many different spiritual subjects … Treat yourself with an inspirational book and learn and grow spiritually ... Extend your knowledge and horizons. 

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Spiritual Books by Author Carrie M Bush

Carrie M Bush is the Author of a series of books with gentle introduction for children to the Archangels. The books explain in an easy way how to connect an work with the Archangels so children can understand and find the magic with the Archangels. It's a series of 15 books introducing the different Archangels to children. Carrie is also the Author of "The Unicorn Series" a new spiritual book series for children. Find the books here along with other spiritually inspiring and uplifting books. Carrie is the Author of spiritual books for adults as well and have published a chapter in the "Warrior Women With Angel Wings" series. Find all her books here ... and read more about her. 

Books on Ascension and spiritual growth can be found from Dr Joshua David Stone who was the founder of the I AM University, and one of the most influential Spiritual teachers, leaders and forerunners of our time. He had a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and was a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor in California, USA. 

He was a pioneer in the field of Spiritual psychology and authored the concept of integrated ascension as well as the noble ideal of striving to become an Integrated Ascended Master, both terms which he coined to stress the importance of mastering and integrating the Spiritual, psychological and physical/Earthly aspects of self to follow an integrated and balanced approach to Self. Find his very interesting books here ...

Spiritual Best Sellers on Amazon


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