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Summerdeals june 2016

Summer is finally here. At least in some parts of the world. That means sun, rain, heat, days off, picnic, walking outside, travels and whatever else you can wish. Dispite if it's very hot or not . . . . It's summertime and one can be outside as much as one wants. During this spring, Angelplace on Earth website have gone through some changes. Take the opportunity to look around and be inspired.

Whishing well

I want to remind about the wishing well where you can write down a wish. Every Saturday there is a lottery on an Angel Card Reading. Who knows? Maybe it's your turn next time? Click here to go to the whising well.


Summer deals on Angel Card Readings from today until 10th of july 2016. Much is happening in life during summertime. Maybe beacuse we up here in the northern part of the globe have much longer days and much more light and sun. The weather plays a huge roll as well. If you are curious about what is happening in your life, it's an opportunity to book an Angel Card Reading. Right now, we offer summerdeals on readings. OBS! In order to take advantage of discounted readings you have to click on the link next to this text. Order a discounted Angel Card Reading or other service here. 

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