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These decks focus more deeply on the spiritual path and is a great tool for spiritual growth. Sometimes I choose to add angelcards for a more detailed reading. These readings are indepth and requires more time. You will get a better understanding of your personal spiritual development.

     Sacred Geometry Cards

The reading shows where you stand now and where you are heading when it comes to your awareness and participation in the development and evolution of consiousness. The cards are clairifying our perception and understanding of our reality. You get meaningful insights about microcosmos and macrocosmos. The cards are mirroring "the language of light" that's called Sacred Geometry.

     The Keys to the Universe Cards

Help you to understand and accelerate your journey towards development and enlightenment. You get advice and keys that helps you moving forward on your spiritual journey.

     Ascension Cards

The cards are used both as a daily source to guidance and inspiration and as a deeper guidance as well. They also show where you stand right now and what you need to work on towards your journey for Ascension.


I recieve guidance from the Angels based on figures and numbers. To do this analysis I need your birthdate with year, month and day. I look at your birthdate, date and time for your question. Every number is important here. If you have noticed special numbersequences in conjunction with your question, write them down in your question to me. Formulate a question in one sentence and I will also interpret the question with angelnumbers. You will get an analyze and interpretation about what the Angels want to communicate to you right now. What they want your attention on.  

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