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Angel Cards & Services

I offer Angel Card Readings and other readings with many different decks and choose cardspread and deck based on your question along with guidance from the Angels. During my Angel Card Readings I also recieve channeled information in form of pictures, text and sometimes I hear the Angels and the Ascended Masters. I always invite the Angels and the Ascended Masters to my sessions.

Deceased loved ones come through sometimes but I don't consciously invite them. They most often come if they have something very important to tell. The Angels and the Ascended Masters give much clearer messages, therefor I choose to work with them.

I do Angel Tarot Cards and Angel Oracle Cards. These readings can be done with just a few cards or with many cards and decks and become an in depth reading. You can ask any question between heaven and earth. Day to day questions as well as about you spiritual path. How long time it takes and how detailed the information is that comes through depends on how big the reading gets. Often you get detailed answers with relatively few cards. I choose the cardspread I am guided to by the Angels. Before I start I tune in to both your Angels and my own Angels. Here you can read more about the angelcards.

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I do Tarot- and cardreadings with other decks of cards. These readings are done with each deck separately or with mutlidecks and I choose cardspread and deck based on your question and guidance from the Angels.

These decks focus more deeply on the spiritual path and are a great help for spiritual growth. Sometimes I also pull angelcards in these readings to get more detailed information. These readings are in depth readings and require more time. You will get a better understanding for your personal spiritual development.

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