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Launch of My Angel Prayer Skill on Alexa

25 Apr 2019

My Angel Prayer - a NEW skill for Angel Lovers with Alexa! Launching May 1st! Angels are everywhere and always right beside us. They patiently await our request for help or just to connect with us. Angels are so happy to guide us and help us through any and all we need help with. They [...]

Launch PARTY for Scrolls of the Soul Radio

18 Apr 2019

Join us on our LAUNCH PARTY for Scrolls of the Soul Radio & Soul Sisters Show on May 2nd in United States & Europe and May 3rd in Australia. Read more at We are a Worldwide LIVE On-Air Show where you can CALL in and talk to us LIVE On-Air ... asking questions about [...]

Open Your Mind

18 Apr 2019

Discover your own psychic ability, FREE online course with some of Sweden's most experienced Psychics, Mediums and Spiritual Teachers ... We look forward to guide you, explore and develop your spiritual path in a safe way. Welcome to a really exciting journey! The first lesson is about how “the spirit realms” communicate with us. You [...]

Soul Sisters Show Saturday April 13th

14 Apr 2019

Soul Sisters Show on Scrolls of the Soul Radio with Hosts Sue Schumacher Arizona US, Joyce Lillian Melbourne AU & Anne Anoulla Stockholm SE We had a great test show today with hosts Sue & Anne, talking a little about our comeback in May 2019 and taking a call. We are the Show that discuss [...]

Angel Light 777 & Anayah Joi Holilly

11 Apr 2019

Anayah is an incredible lady who work close to the Angels. I have the great honor to have get to meet her through Angelic work. Anayah is the Founder & Executive Producer of Angel Heart Radio and Creator of Angel Light 777. Meet Anayah & connect with her on her website & page. She is [...]