Angelplace On Earth

Soul Realignment, Reiki Healing, Angelcard Readings, Spiritual Coaching


Some of the decks I use

     Angel Tarot Cards

 For generel questions, I often combine this deck with other decks for more detailed answers.

      Life Purpose Oracle Cards

Gives answers about your lifepurpose and lifepath

     Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards

For health, what you can do to improve for your health or in wich area you need healing.

     The Romance Angels Oracle Cards

For romance, love and all kinds of relationships.

     Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards

For your health, how you can improve your health and what the Angels want you to heal.

     Guardian Angel Tarot Cards

Advise from the Angels, the Ascended Masters and your Guardian Angel.

     Archangel Power Tarot Cards

For generel questions, I often combine this deck with other decks for more detailed answers.


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