Angelcard Readings

Order your Angelcard Reading here. I have many Angelcard Readings to choose from ... AND ... I can answer Specific Question as well as general. Just remember that general questions usually gives general answers ... I need the information below to make contact with your Energy. Don't worry if you for any reason don't know it all but the more info I have the better the connection will be. 

  1. Angelcard Reading 1 Card - Email only

  2. Angelcard Reading 3 Cards - Email only

  3. Angelcard Reading 5 Cards - Email or Skype/Messenger 30 min

  4. Angelcard Reading FULL Reading - Email or Skype/Messenger 50 min

Angelcard Readings

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Email readings will be received by you within 24 hours from the payment is done. A picture of the card spread will be attached to the reading. Readings through a Skype or Messenger conversation will be scheduled within 24 hours from payment is done and we "meet up" through Skype or Messenger on a date and time we agree. I send you available times you can choose from. 

General Terms and conditions for Email Readings

1 card 150-200 words

3 card 200-500 words

5 card 500-800 words

FULL reading 800-1200 words

If you encounter any trouble during your order or just wondering something, please contact me at


Read more about Terms & Conditions regarding your order at and more detailed information about the Angelcard Readings I offer in the blog below. 

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