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9 Mar 2020


22 May 2019

  PICK A PRAYER - it only takes less than a minute! YOU DESERVE IT! My Angel Prayer on Alexa offers powerful one-minute prayers to God’s Messengers, created and spoken by Angel practitioners from around the world. Taking less than a minute to listen can shift your entire day. Go to our website to learn [...]

Launch of My Angel Prayer Skill on Alexa

25 Apr 2019

My Angel Prayer - a NEW skill for Angel Lovers with Alexa! Launching May 1st! Angels are everywhere and always right beside us. They patiently await our request for help or just to connect with us. Angels are so happy to guide us and help us through any and all we need help with. They [...]

Launch of My Angel Prayer

23 Mar 2019

Launch May 1st!  IT TAKES LESS THAN A MINUTE TO SHIFT YOUR ENTIRE DAY! Coming Soon to Alexa Read more on About My Angel Prayer My Angel Prayer offers beautiful images and powerful one-minute prayers to God’s Messengers asking their help with all aspects of our lives.  With over 30 free prayers created and spoken [...]


21 Jun 2016

Create a Timeline for yourself. That is a consious act for placeing focused energy of what you desire on on a specific date in your future.

Meditation for the 5th dimensional chakras

21 Jun 2016

I want to share a wonderful initiation and meditation with you from Diana Cooper. As we evolve on the spiritual path, we need to attune our vibration continiously.  Here is a great exercise to work some of the higher chakras into your bodies and aura.  Meditation and Initiation into the 12 Fifth Dimensional Chakras  Find [...]

Prayer and meditation for releasing

30 Nov 2015

Prayer for letting go/releasing I forgive all known or unknown people, spirits or anything else that ever wounded, hurt or cursed me. At the same time, I ask for forgiveness from all known or unknown people, spirits or anything else that I have wounded, hurt or cursed. I call on the Law of Forgiveness with [...]


10 Nov 2015

Forgiveness is so easy and yet so hard. Forgiveness is absolutely one of the most important things in your life. Why? Because you put restrictions on yourself and others when you are unable to honestly forgive. Forgiveness is an act of great self-esteem and strength. When you don't forgive someone, you keep the negative energy alive. To [...]