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Today's Quote March 19th 2024 from Angel Anne

Good Morning, Good Day, Good Afternoon, Good Evening & Good Night wherever you are in the world. Sending you love and light, no matter the time of day. May the angels watch over you always.

Self love

Today's Quote:

Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Acceptance: It acknowledges that life may not always hand us ideal circumstances, yet we still have the agency to make the most of what we have. Resilience: It highlights the importance of perseverance and resourcefulness in navigating challenges and overcoming obstacles.

Mastery: The quote suggests that the true value lies not in having perfect conditions but in our ability to navigate them skillfully and make the best of every situation.

This saying uses the metaphor of life as a card game. The cards you're dealt represent the circumstances you're born into, the challenges you face, and the opportunities that come your way. You don't get to choose your hand – some people are dealt aces and kings, while others get stuck with low cards and mismatched suits.

The point of the quote is that success in life isn't just about having advantages. It's about what you do with what you've got. Even if you're dealt a difficult hand, you can still play it well.

Making the most of your circumstances:  You can't change your background or past, but you can focus on the things you can control. This means developing your skills, working hard, and making smart choices.

Finding opportunity in challenge:  Sometimes, difficulties can force you to be creative and resourceful. They can also build resilience and determination.

Positive attitude:  Maintaining a positive outlook can make a big difference in how you handle adversity. It can help you stay motivated and find solutions to problems.

Life isn't fair, and everyone has their struggles. But this quote is a reminder that we all have the ability to overcome challenges and achieve our goals, regardless of the cards we're dealt.

Love, Light, Peace & Joy

Angel Anne



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