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Today's Quote 2 April 2024 from Angel Anne

Good Morning, Good Day, Good Afternoon, Good Evening & Good Night wherever you are in the world. Sending you love and light, no matter the time of day. May the angels watch over you always.

Self love

Today's Quote:

Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask yourself if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.

Deepak Chopra

This quote is about breaking free from your usual patterns and choosing growth.

Imagine yourself at a crossroads. One path stretches back, familiar and well-worn – it's the way you've always reacted in similar situations. But this path feels a bit like a cage, stuck in the echoes of the past.

The other path shimmers ahead, less certain but filled with possibility. It's the path of a pioneer, forging a new way forward. It might be scary, but it holds the promise of something different, something better.

The quote asks you to pause at that crossroads. When you feel the urge to react in the same old way, take a breath and consider: Do you want to be chained to the past, or do you want to be a trailblazer for your own future?

It's a powerful reminder that you have the power to choose. You can choose to be stuck in a loop, or you can choose to break free and write a new story. The future is unwritten, and you hold the pen.

Love, Light, Peace & Joy

Angel Anne



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