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Reading Between the Signs

I am a proud Co-Author of the book "Reading Between the Signs" compiled by Jill Rhiannon (Author) and Karen Tants (Editor) along with many enlightened Co-Authors ...

Jill Rhiannon says "The title for this book came to me a long time ago while in meditation; just a phrase or sign of things to come. It was around the time that I began witnessing the signs and synchronicity that are all around us. At the time, it was just a title but now, it is so much more than that. When we witness signs again and again, we know that we are protected. When we know that we are protected, we take leaps of faith. When we take leaps of faith, we become brave. When we are brave, we live our truth, we follow our life path and do what we were put here to do. This anthology is the compilation of stories from these brave authors. It is my hope that by reading their stories, that you begin noticing the signs and synchronicities that are all around you and that you, too, begin reading between the signs."

A part of my chapter ...

"Some signs don’t sit well in us, because they tell us something we try to avoid seeing. When I started my conscious journey, I was so eager to see all the signs and the guidance that I thought I had to follow each one. But it’s good to know that some signs and some guidance are coming to us merely because we need to see something and be aware of something. We don’t need to take real action on them all ..."

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Love & Light

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