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Text Chat Readings for $1 per min

Text Chat with me for only $1 per min. Text Chat Readings is a great option for you who find it easier to Text Chat rather than calling for a Phone Reading. It is equally personal and you even get a chat script available after the Text Chat and a copy sent to your email.

A good Psychic Reading can provide you with clarity and insights. I can help you untangle your questions and concerns.

I have International experience and have talked to people all around the Globe in Sweden, UK, US, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Hawaii, Canada, Korea, Saudi Arabia and more countries. Through the years I've done thousands of readings for happy clients. Try me and you will not be disappointed.

I recommend between 15 - 60 min for a good Psychic Reading. Shorter is a little too fast and there is usually no meaning for a longer one. But you decide and no question is too simple or too complicated.

See YOU Soon

Love & Light

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