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Book a time for a LIVE Phone Reading with me. I'm available certain hours each week and you can book a pre-payed Phone Reading through Skype phone call here. 

Read "My thoughts on the Spiritual Path" below to help you understand how I see Spirituality and what my beliefs are that acts as the foundation for my Readings. 

To give you a little inspiration, you can find some of the other Readings I do at

I have a few different durations for the calls to choose from and I answer all questions about love, relationships, what is coming for you, spiritual development and growth, how to deal with situations in a spiritual sense and much more. You ask the question and I do my best to answer you. These Readings are a way for you to have a direct personal session with me. Remember, no question is too big or too small. If it's important for you, then it's important for me. 

I do not answer questions with a serious nature around health, legal matters, pregnancies etc since those questions belong to professionals in the specific area and Psychic advice is not appropriate. 

All prices are in $US Dollars and made through PayPal. You can make a payment in many different currencies and PayPal automatically makes the exchange. Soul realignment readings are not included in the questions you can make on a Phone Reading since it's a very different type of Reading. If you encounter any problems during booking or payment, contact me at or fill in the contact form below. 

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