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Order your Reading & Session here. I work with my Psychic Abilities, my Guides & Angels along with tools such as Angel- and Tarot Cards, Pendulum, Soul Realignment, Reiki Healing etc ... AND I can answer Specific Question as well as general. Just remember that general questions usually gives general answers. No question is too small or too big. Ask whatever you feel you need guidance around.


Remember that a reading provides a "scan" of the current energies surrounding you and your question at this moment in time. You can only choose for yourself but not for another person. I provide guidance for you on your path forward but can not promise that there will be a specific event or matter coming in the future. I can help you see different possibilities, give prognosis and advice in situations of choices, but I cannot make decisions for you. I trust the inherent power and ability of all people to influence and control their future. The future is changeable, I do not give predictions but I can analyze opportunities and obstacles. I meet you with warmth and respect.

Read about my view on the Spiritual Path and how this works for me at

I need the information below to make contact with your Energy. Don't worry if you for any reason don't know all the info but the more information I have the better the connection will be. 

*Note ... Soul Realignment Readings are separate readings and you can find them at

Email readings will be received by you within 24 hours from the payment is done. A picture of the card spread will be attached to the reading. An email reading contains between 800 to 1200 words depending on the information I receive for you from Guides, Spirit and Angels. 

Readings through a Skype or Messenger conversation (regular call not video) will be scheduled within 24 hours from payment is done and we "meet up" through Skype or Messenger on a date and time we agree on. I send you available times you can choose from. 

Reiki Healing Sessions are done on an agreed scheduled time and after, I contact you the way you wished for during your order. I contact you within 24 hours of receiving payment, and we book a time for the session. 

If you encounter any trouble during your order or just wondering something, please contact me at


Read more about Terms & Conditions regarding your order at and more detailed information about the readings in the blog below. 

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