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Soul Realignment Readings are deep, powerful readings that will help you understand the Divine nature of your soul, why you experience the things in life that you do, how you can be realigned with your true essence, how you can express your soul and start to make the changes in your life you long for.


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Reiki Distance Healing

The word Reiki consists of two Japanese words, rei and ki. Rei can be translated into universal, which means comprehensive and it also means higher wisdom, God consciousness, the hidden power, etc. The translation you choose depends on beliefs. Ki is the energy of life flowing through all living; people, animals and plants. Rei-ki is the life energy that best organizes the flow of the subordinate forms of life energy in the mind and in the body.

It is thus a universal life energy that flows through the Reiki practitioner. This does not use its own energy, but is only a channel for the energy. The Reiki Practitioner does not need to be able to diagnose or know what needs to be healed. Reiki has greater wisdom than we do.

Extracts from "Reiki - Natural Healing Through the Universal Life Energy"

AngelCard Readings

I do Angel Card Readings about a specific question, a concern you might have about finances, romance, work, health and/or other. If you want to customize a reading for yourself, contact me and I can come back to you with a suggestion of what I can do for you.

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I do Tarot- and cardreadings with other decks of cards. These decks focus more deeply on the spiritual path and are a great help for spiritual growth. You will get a better understanding of your personal spiritual development.

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