Soul Realignment Reading 30 Day Program

Order your Soul Realignment Reading here. Please observe that the Basic Reading is always required and are of course included in both my Soul Realignment Reading Options ...​ If you are looking for a customized Soul Realignment Reading, the Basic Reading still needs to be done. Read more about my two options below. 

I need the information below to make contact with your Soul in the Akashic Records and to do the Property Realignment at your current adress. Don't worry if you for any reason don't know all the information I ask for, but the more info I have the better the connection will be. 

Basic Soul Realignment Reading 30 Day Program

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Soul Realignment Reading 30 Day Program $600

You will receive your Soul Realignment Reading within 5 days from your order. I go silent and start gathering the information about your Soul from the Akashic Records. I send a confirmation email to the email adress you added during your order as soon as possible and I also send you suggestions for a time to talk on the phone through Messenger or Skype when your reading is ready and sent to you. It's prefarable that you read it before the call so you can ask questions. If you until our phone call have any questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to write to me. 

If you encounter any trouble during your order or just wondering something, please contact me at Read more about Terms & Conditions regarding your order at and more detailed information about the two Soul Realignment Readings I offer in the blogs below. 

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