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Thu – Nov 29th: Special Guest: Chris Michell — Sound Healing!

On this episode of the “Soul Sisters” show, Hosts Anne Anoulla and Sue Schumacher welcome their

Special Guest: English Flautist/Composer of Ambient-Classical and New Age Music Chris Michell!

They will be discussing: Sound Healing!

November 29th 2018

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About Chris Michell
Chris Michell are an English Flautist/Composer of Ambient-Classical and New Age Music; a Sound-Healer and a Published Writer

Her powerful flute, dolphin & chakra music has been appreciated & loved by many people since 1990. She has sold approximately one million albums world-wide. Chris was a classically trained musician at the University of Liverpool (BAHons) & Guildhall School of Music, London (Masters, Performing), Post-Graduate Certificate of Education, Christ’s College, Woolton. She also has diplomas in Hypnotherapy, NLP & Swedish Massage.

She worked with Welsh National Opera Orchestra, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, English National Ballet, etc. for many years.

When her baby son Thomas Oliver died, she was heartbroken, but it opened up her spiritual path & further study of esoteric, metaphysical subjects. Dolphins came into her life & helped transform it. She was inspired to start composing & recording her own music, to help soothe, heal & uplift people – especially those who had been through trauma. Read her story in THE DOLPHIN SECRET & how dolphins can help all of us.

She released 15 albums & had record deals in USA, Australia, Japan & Holland. She performed her music to His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India. She has raised money & awareness for the Peace Movement, Whale & Dolphin Conservation & Tibetans.

She lives between Devon, UK & Crete, Greece, where she has renovated an old village house as a peaceful retreat. Chris Michell has given numerous presentations and Sound-healing/ Dolphin-energy workshops including Mind, Body, Spirit Expos in London & Australia; Chalice Well, Glastonbury, UK; Skyros Centre, Greece; Wainwright House, USA; OreadeMusic, The Hague, Holland. She is available for individual Sound-Healing/Energy sessions.

Please contact her at [email protected] or visit her website

Find Chris Michell here:

[email protected]



Find her music on Spotify & iTunes


Whale Song: Whale Songs & Flutes for visualisation & relaxation Flute music with whale sounds From the album DOLPHIN LOVE 1990

Dolphin Love - pure relaxation - pregnancy, birthing, meditation Flute and dolphins Animation: Tristan Michell Music: Chris Michell

ANGEL WINGS Chris Michell - Beautiful flute & organ music Angelic music for flute, composed and performed by Chris Michell, with photo of her daughter SOPHIE MICHELL

HEART CHAKRA from TIBETAN CHAKRA MEDITATIONS Ben Scott & Chris Michell Music & Production by Chris Michell aka Christa Michell Alto flute, Pan pipes, Silver flute, Cocus wood flute, Native Flute, Piccolo: Chris Michell

SOUND-HEALING into CHAKRAS with voice, bowls & flutes GUIDED MEDITATION Tibetan bowls & flutes TIBETAN CHAKRA MEDITATIONS by Chris Michell & Ben Scott Available &

23 Nov 2018

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