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Thursday June 28th, Special Guest Francois Arbouz! Astrologer, talking about how Astrology works on the inner and outer plane

On this episode of the “Soul Sisters” show, Hosts Sue Schumacher and Anne Anoulla welcome their Special Guest Genetic & Molecular Biologist & Astrologer Francois Arbouz! We will talk about the Power of Astrology.

You don't want to miss this show ...Francois Arbouz is a very experienced Astrologer, born i France, adopted and moved to Sweden in the 70'. Currently living in Stockholm. 

June 21st 2018

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Francois Arbouz, was born and raised in France, adopted and moved to Sweden in the 70's. Francois have a Master in Genetics and Molecular Biology, University of Paris-Orsay, and a Master of Behavioral Sciences , University of Stockholm 1993. He have worked and taught in various Research Departments during 10 years. He have also studied Astrology in depth since the late 70's. Francois have lectured in the field of Astrology on several occasions. At the present moment, he is a High School Teacher. He is interested in highlighting the power of Astrology and its tradition and to make it understandable about the connection between the psychic inner world. Connecting Science with Astrology and Psychic Abilities ...

25 Jun 2018

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