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What People Say


Jag har längtat så efter att få prata med dig och tack för att du finns. Du får mig alltid att känna mig mer centrerad och lugnare.



I have not seen anything like this before and I had a mandala made for me and my precious partner. I will come back for more mandalas to gift to special friends. I loved the prayer as well.



Thank you for this idea and opportunity to have a very, special, energized mandala. I ordered for myself and I am so very grateful. Thank you!



It is a very beautiful and indeed personal gift. I gifted a mandala to a dear friend and she was very happy for it. I framed it for her and she can even feel the energy.



Sänder så mycket värme och kärlek! En genuin person som sprider så mycket positiv energi. Man märker att hon gör detta från hjärtat och är en naturbegåvning! Allt hennes arbete är positivt och ger så mycket! Hon hjälper dig att vända det negativa till det positiva och ser till att du mår bra! Tack ❤️



I was looking to find someone that was honest, without a hidden agenda, to help release the negative attachments that I carried for years. Anoulla is the first person that I could feel with a pure heart. I felt the warm healing energy throughout my body, and the attachments removed with ease. I am truly grateful for all that Anoulla has done.

Patricia Joan Beirnes


You have a wonderful talent and I feel much better now after talking to you. You used your psychics gifts and your wisdom to help me.



Thank you for your great advice and you are very good at what you do. You helped me much.



Thank you for the excellent reading. I didn't have to ask anything since you where spot on with what you told me. Again, thank you so much. I will call you again.



During a time of much despair my readings with Anne have been full of positivity and hope for a better outcome, her readings have been not only insightful but have had a lot of clarity and accuracy, certain things have started to manifest in the way Anne told me. This of course has brought me into a better place, feeling calm and more balanced than before. I am full of hope and a better understanding of my future with a newfound belief in all that is to come. "Thank you, Thank you Thank you"



I had a great reading with Anne a couple of days ago. I have been confused about a decision I need to make soon. I feel much more sure about what I will decide and I feel peace around the matter. Thank you Anne



Thank you for your great advice and the accuracy of your reading. It have helped me very much and it all make sense.


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