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Thank you all so much for the beautiful reviews you have sent me for my work! If you have a review please send it to [email protected]

Much Love & Light

Thank you so much Anne for an interesting and soulfull reading. There were many things to both recognize and reflect further. Love/Lottie

Lottie Wahlin, 06/08/2018

As the host of HOW TO CONNECT WITH ANGELS podcast, I have interviewed people from all over the world who work with Angels and Divine Energy to bring healing to those of us who are struggling.  Anne is INCREDIBLE.  She honored me with a Soul Realignment healing and I am SO ASTONISHED and so GRATEFUL!  She read my deep past from the Ashashic Records... and revealed to me issues I felt but could not quite heal. Now I am on the path to a shedding that which no longer belongs to me.  I feel empowered, hopeful, and lighter.  I urge you to gift yourself with this experience.  And please listen to our interview on HOW TO CONNECT WITH ANGELS. It's beautiful!  

Sheri Myers, 26/05/2018

Producer & Writer, The Glitch Movie,

Anne read my Akashic Records and really found a lot about my life that sued. She is a warm and friendly person who listens to what the problem is and tries to help. Her taro readings always match and she explains everything so well. She stays close to her customer even after reading. you get a nice friend! Thanks Anne!

Eftychia Ioannidou, 07/05/2018

An amazing reading session with Anne. She's simply awesome. Such a clear picture shown to me, what a beautiful and amazing explanation for the Soul Realignment Reading. If you really need clarity of your soul purpose, a MUST HAVE reading from her. God bless you Anne

Neetu, 01/12/2017

Had a wonderful Soul Realignment Reading today. The detail was mind blowing, and the reading really connected with me. Ann goes over and above to explain the reading to you afterwards. I would highly recommend - you won't be disappointed!

Carrie M Bush 01/12/2017 

Aug 2nd 2017 was when I had my Akashic records report sent to me. This was a special day for me, you see it was my Mother's Birthday. She would have been 78 on that day. So to receive what I did on that day was a treat for me!

Ok so here we go, how do you explain in lehman's terms about the Akashic records?!?! Well you start by first thanking your practitioner for her amazing work on discovering your souls origination! How she came to find answers for you that you yourself didn't know but resonated too. How it all just felt like this was and is your truth. How could she know all of this? You think to yourself... What is told is your souls history and the choice's you made that were congruent to your divinity!

Wow how amazing is that? To learn about the choice's we made many lifetimes ago that are or could effect us today. Then to have them cleared and offered up knew choice's is truly a gift from our divine creator! That is when you know it was so worth every dollar you spent when given the chance to make knew and better life choice's for yourself. That information you get back is a massive story about you. One you will most definitely enjoy learning let alone having past issues cleared and healed.

Once finished with all that this entails you feel fresh and whole like you've been given a new lease on life! How could anyone argue with that?!?! In conclusion I would like to Thank my Practitioner for all her hard work! I know it wasn't easy but what an awesome job you did Angelplace! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Love always,
Sue, 17/10/2017

Svaret på min fråga var välformulerat och jag känner att det stämmer bra.

Emelie, 17/09/2017

Anne did my Soul Realignment reading and I was absolutely blown away! It was extremely accurate and there was also information that I know that n one could possibly know. This was a real blessing and honour to recieve this reading from this beautiful gentle soul sister. Anne is truly gifted! As I read through my reading, all I kept saying was "WOW! How did she know?" My reading was so accurate, I'm in utter amazement and it was great to get written confirmation from someone who could not know any of this information about me. My reading is 8 pages long and then Anne spent time patiently answering my questions. I will be recommending Anne to all my family and friends and sharing her pages on my Facebook pages.

Love and Blessings Joyce Saun, Angel D'realms, 09/09/2017

This is Angelplace and if you don't already know of her let me give you some insite. Like most of us in this field we too like to go to others who are well versed in all things spiritual. I can't say enough about her and the reads she provides. She is without a doubt spot on, very professional, and just has a very warm, and inviting personality. What ever your question or concern may happen to be, she is your go to place for all your needs. Like a lot of you out there, I too have taken Doreen Virtues on line course and Angelplace exemplifies the upmost profeessionalism. I would highly recommend her for a first class reading and more. I have been fortunate to have had a reading done by Angelplace and can say she is superb!

Thank you Angelplce I very much apperciate all the hard work that went into my read. You are trully amazing!"

Susan Schumacher
Bear Spirit Indigo LLC, 2016

"To all who are seeking a pro please stop by Angelplaces place she is one heck of a gifted reader, with very high vibrational skills on the psychic and as well!"

Anonymous, 2016

"Thank you so much for opportunity to have reading done by you. It was absolutely amazing and really helping to understand lots of things in my life. I can't recommend you enough! Love & Light"

Anonymous, 2016

"I received a great reading about my career path from Anne. The messages were so powerful and uplifting. After the reading I felt calm and grateful. The reading also came with a picture of the cards which was great. I highly recommend anyone who feels called to get a reading! Thank you again! Many Blessings!"

Anonymous, 2016

"Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. It makes sense to me and is a wonderful confirmation of what I have been feeling and working towards. Thank you again. Fantastic reading. Clearly you are following your own life purpose, you are a beautiful light worker, continue with you wonderful calming and serene energy. Truly a pleasure to have met you xxx"

Anonymous, 2016

"I had a reading done by Anne few days ago. Anne is very warm, loving person. Her reading was very spot on and made things clearer for me..She can see much more than what the cards are showing to her, thanks to her psychic gifts- and that's what I personally prefer. I can highly recommend her services and I will definately use her services again smile emoticon Love and light"

Anonymous, 2015

"Most beautiful and loving page! Very relaxing place to come visually and spiritually! I would recommend this page to all of those I know to stop by and check out your page. Very inviting and warm, just like it's administrator!"

Anonymous, 2015