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Wishing Well

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I wish that I will have success in my life.



The Crystal City is just about to be anchored to the Earth. This will bring about a wonderful transformation towards positivity and a better world.



Jag önskar att änglarna ger mig stark och glasklar guidning



May this brand new year bring about all the positive changes we have been waiting for such a long time. I know that high and bright being from the highest light in the universe are guiding us and watching over us. Let's make this year our best ever. So be it, so be it, so be it!



Jag önskar att min partner tar sitt förnuft till fånga och tänker över sitt beslut att separera ordentligt innan han envisas med att gå vidare.



An excellent ending of 2023 and stepping into 2024 with abundance in all areas, health, relationstips, lifestyle, economy and all else I need. I AM successivt, abundant, healthy, worthy, happy, joyful, confident, strong and determined. I AM that I AM. So be it, so be it, so be it



I ask Archangel Michael to come and help me cut all cords. In all existens of time and space. For the highest good of all.



I pray to the angels, ascended masters and higher beings of the light that we finally see a positive change for our world, humanity and all living beings on earth.



I wish for my well-being to improve and being able to say: I Am Healthy



I wish that I will know very soon how my relationship will grow and develop. I wish for more commitment from the one I love.



I pray for the World to become a place where we all can live happily and peacefully.



Please and thank you for this allowance! God bless everyone struggling...don't worry and know you are Loved! And now I would please like to make a wish for myself and Boby Kat that we heal together and whatever's attacking us and causing pain that wishing as deep as possible in this well to remove any and all that's not for our highest good and please help me to find contact with my higher self so I may find the best in me to heal and be whole and loving and to be able to be free from my past that binds me abundance and love to follow if it's for love and life, and for Justice for Bill and I to gain back what belongs to us/me...I will pray for all people and animals to have this too! Sending Love and Light to ALL...I Love You sooo much! Thank you for allowing this blessing Angelspace place

Sheila Ann Hatcher

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