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About Anne

Anne has extensive and international experience of doing Psychic Readings of all sorts. She has many years and thousands of professional readings behind her and is also a strong healer.

She is Certified as an Angel Card Reader™, Assertiveness Coach, Reiki Healer, Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner and Angel Practitioner through the IAAP. Anne was initiated in "the Knowledge" by Maharadji, studied mediumship for Lottie Wallin and Birgitta Tholander. She has worked at Änglacirkeln and Crystal Clear Psychics as a Psychic Advisor. Anne also has practical education in Debriefing and Leadership. Anne works online with Psychic & Spiritual Advice for Psychics Secrets.

Remember that a Psychic Reading provides a "scan" of the current energies surrounding you and your question at this moment in time. You can only choose for yourself but not for another person. I provide guidance for you on your path forward but cannot promise that there will be a specific outcome in the future. I can help you see different possibilities, give prognosis and advice in situations of choices, but I cannot make decisions for you. I trust the inherent power and ability of all people to influence and control their future. The future is changeable, and you create it for yourself in this moment. You can make new choices at any time that can correct your path forward and here lies your personal power. Predictions are based on the energies at the moment in time they are done. I can analyze opportunities and obstacles. I meet you with warmth and respect.

Check out Anne's page as an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner

Anne works with the Angels and the Ascended Masters along with tools as Tarot, Angel Cards, Pendulums and her psychic abilities and is very accurate in her readings. She can also give you Spiritual Guidance and she uses a modality for Soul Healing called Soul Realignment to help others find their way towards their spiritual life path and to clear blocks and restrictions. Anne have hosted and produced Soul Sisters Show on Scrolls of the Soul Radio from 2019-2021 and are now producing and hosting Psychics Secrets Show at Psychics Secrets Radio since August 2022 with co-host and producer Zelda Kelly.

Anne had many spiritual experiences from early childhood. She is born in Sweden and have lived in Greece for 10 years experiencing several encounters with Angels and a calling to develop her spirituality and life path more consciously. She has studied many different spiritual modalities and is a warm and positive soul who always have a smile and spiritual insights to share.

She is the Creator of Angelplace on Earth website and Anoulla's Angelplace on Facebook. She speaks Swedish (native), English and Greek. Her soulmission is to help others shed light to matter that are going on in their lives, see where you are at and what your current direction will lead you towards bringing your insight so that you can make new choices and correct your path if you want. She is good at specific questions and to see what different options carry energetically. She works with Spiritual and Psychic guidance and advice since many years.

Anne is a Reiki and Energy Healer and uses Soul Realignment as a modality to help you clear, realign and heal your life. This healing includes removing blocks and restrictions from your Akashic Records which in turn will help you move forward. Soul Realignment also includes reading your Soul to tell you about the essence your Soul, your Souls qualities, where your Soul stem from, your Soul 's vibration, any challenges and blockages you encountered through your lifetimes that affects you in this lifetime and much more. There is much and profound information that can help you on your current life path.

Check out Anne's page as an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner

Some inspiration on your path:

"I do not dwell on the past, for it does not exist, and neither do any stains from the yesterdays of life. I do not think about what will happen tomorrow, because tomorrow is yet unknown, a blank page to be filled. I am only living in the present moment, because it is the only thing that exists"

We always create our experience through our choice, either subconscious or conscious. We are the ultimate authority of our own experience through our free will. We are all always 100% responsible for how we create and have created our own circumstances, results and consequences. All choices create a consequence and hold the same energy as the choice that created it, the Law of Karma. Any consequence created in the physical dimension must be worked through and dissolved consciously through new choices made during incarnation. Issues have to be resolved at the same dimension level where they were created.

We are given the beautiful gift of free will; we create through our free will. No one else can ever create our experience for us and we cannot create anyone else’s experience for them. No one else has the power to affect us unless we give that power to them. We are all unique. We are always the most powerful authority in our lives. No other soul, energy, entity can ever interfere with our free will. We are the creator of our own experience and when we have clarity of intent through consciousness, there is nothing that can interfere with our free will. We are here for our soul to experience itself through its creation and the purpose is to create and experience. Therefore, there is nothing to be looked at as either good or bad, the soul has always created the experience. There are only judgement, assumptions and opinions made from a human perspective.

When we are conscious of energies or issues that we consider as negative, we have the power to clear them at once. Energy always follows intention and all that is needed to clear something effectively is a conscious choice. We are all Divine and we take full responsibility for our results. We focus our attention on our human experience here and now. Spiritual information is always available to everyone, and it is never misleading, mysterious or flattering to the ego. Spiritual information holds information to help us make conscious efforts and choices to create results in our lives.

Much Love & Light


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