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About Anne


Anne is a seasoned psychic reader with extensive international experience. She has accumulated numerous years of professional readings and possesses strong healing abilities.

Anne holds certifications in Angel Card Reading™, Assertiveness Coaching, Reiki Healing, Advanced Soul Realignment, and Angel Practitioner through the IAAP. She underwent initiation in "the Knowledge" under Maharadji and honed her mediumship skills under Lottie Wallin and Birgitta Tholander. Additionally, she possesses practical education in Debriefing and Leadership.

Anne has worked as a psychic advisor at Änglacirkeln, Crystal Clear Psychics, George Valentino International Psychics, Psychics Secrets, and is currently working at Vendelas Telefonbyrå as a Psychic Advisor.

Please note that psychic readings provide an overview of the current energies surrounding you and your question at this specific moment. You are the sole determinant of your own path, and I cannot make choices for you or anyone else. My role is to guide you towards your best course of action, but I cannot guarantee a specific outcome.

I can assist you in visualizing various possibilities, offering prognoses and recommendations in situations that demand decision-making. However, the ultimate decision lies with you. I firmly believe in the inherent power and ability of individuals to shape and direct their futures. The future is malleable, and you create it for yourself in the present moment. You have the power to make new choices at any time to alter your trajectory, and this is where true personal power resides.

Predictions are based on the energies present at the time the reading is conducted. I can also help you identify opportunities and obstacles that may lie ahead. My approach is always warm and respectful.

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Anne's intuitive abilities, combined with her expertise in Tarot, Angel Cards, pendulums, and the guidance of angels and ascended masters, make her a highly accurate and effective reader. She offers spiritual guidance and healing through soul realignment and other modalities, empowering you to navigate your life path and overcome obstacles.

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Anne's passion for sharing her insights and connecting with others through psychic readings extended to the world of radio. She co-hosted the Soul Sisters Show on Psychic Talk Radio with Susan Schumacher from 2018 to 2019. This successful show led to the duo joining forces with Scrolls of the Soul Radio, where they hosted and produced the Soul Sisters Show from 2019 to 2021. This expertise and interaction with listeners, prompted Anne to embark on a new adventure at Psychics Secrets Radio with another woman. From August 2022 to May 2023, Anne and co-host Zelda Kelly took the reins of the Psychics Secrets Show.

Anne's spiritual journey began in early childhood, where she experienced profound encounters with the divine. Born in Sweden, she spent a decade living in Greece, further deepening her connection with the angelic realm and her own spiritual path. This calling led her to delve into various spiritual modalities, shaping her into a warm, compassionate, and insightful guide.

Anne is the creator of Angelplace on Earth, a website dedicated to sharing her wisdom and experiences, and Anoulla's Angelplace on Facebook, a community where individuals can connect with the angelic realm and their own spiritual selves. She is fluent in Swedish, English, and Greek, making her accessible to a worldwide audience.

Her soul mission is to illuminate the paths of others, helping them navigate life's challenges and make informed decisions. Anne possesses a unique ability to grasp the essence of an individual's situation, providing clear guidance and insights that empower them to step into their highest potential. Her expertise in specific questions and her keen ability to discern the energetic implications of different choices make her a valuable advisor.

As a Reiki and Energy Healer, Anne harnesses the transformative power of these modalities to facilitate soul realignment and healing. Her Soul Realignment sessions delve deep into the Akashic Records, gently dissolving blocks and restrictions that hinder progress. This process not only opens doors to personal growth but also reveals the essence of one's soul, its qualities, origins, and vibrations. By understanding these profound aspects, individuals can gain clarity and align their lives with their soul's true purpose.

Check out Anne's page as an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner at

My favorite quote and some inspiration on your path:

"I do not dwell on the past, for it does not exist, and neither do any stains from the yesterdays of life. I do not think about what will happen tomorrow, because tomorrow is yet unknown, a blank page to be filled. I am only living in the present moment, because it is the only thing that exists"

Author Unknown

We are the architects of our own experiences, shaping our realities through conscious and subconscious choices. Our free will grants us absolute authority over our journeys, making us fully accountable for the circumstances, outcomes, and consequences we manifest.

Every choice we make carries an inherent energy, setting the trajectory for corresponding consequences – this is the fundamental principle of karma. Any experiences we encounter in the physical dimension, regardless of their nature, are opportunities to learn and evolve. To navigate these challenges effectively, we must be willing to make conscious choices that dissolve the negative energies and patterns that hold us back.

Our free will is a precious gift, empowering us to create the lives we desire. No external force can dictate our experiences unless we grant it power. We are the ultimate creators of our realities, and our individual uniqueness ensures that our journeys are uniquely ours. As we cultivate unwavering clarity of intent and embrace our power, no external entity can interfere with our sovereign choices.

Our souls embarked on this earthly journey to immerse themselves in the tapestry of creation. We are here to experience, to learn, and to grow. Therefore, there is no dichotomy of good or bad, right or wrong, in the grand scheme of our soul's evolution. The experiences we perceive as negative are merely catalysts for personal growth, helping us shed limiting beliefs and embrace our true potential.

When we become aware of negative energies or patterns that hinder our progress, we hold the power to transmute them instantly. By aligning our intentions with our highest aspirations, we can effectively clear any obstacles that stand in the way of our well-being.

We are all imbued with the divine spark, and it is our birthright to take full responsibility for our experiences. As we focus our attention on the present moment, we harness the power of our choices to create the reality we desire. Spiritual guidance is always available, providing clarity and direction without ego manipulation or deception. It is a beacon that illuminates our path, empowering us to make conscious decisions that align with our soul's purpose.

Love & Light




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