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SALVATION & Anchoring the Crystal City

Crystal City


Anchoring the Crystal City

Their energies of strength & love Transforming the layers of darkness Sending it back to Source

Cleaning off the negative forms

Being tired of living without hope

Grasping at all there is

Taking the pure as their host

One day all will turn around

With the love the Crystal City holds

Tossing and tumbling, round & round

Becoming loving within their Soul

Laughing and playing with others

Learning how to smile

In the warmth of Divine Light

The darkness has aspired

Poem by Patti Bernies

This poem is a beautiful and hopeful message about the power of love and light to overcome darkness and despair. It speaks of the Crystal City, a place of pure love and energy, which is anchoring itself on Earth and helping to transform the world.

It describes how the Crystal City's energies are working to transform the layers of darkness that exist on Earth. These dark energies are being sent back to Source, where they can be transmuted into light. The passage also speaks of how the Crystal City is helping people to clean off the negative forms that have accumulated in their lives. This purification process is allowing people to open their hearts and minds to love and light.

The poem ends with a message of hope and encouragement. It says that one day, all will turn around and the darkness will be banished. With the love of the Crystal City, people will learn to love and care for themselves and others. They will laugh and play, and they will learn how to smile. The darkness will have no power, and the world will be filled with love and light.

It is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. The love of the Crystal City is always available to us, and it can help us to overcome any obstacle. We can choose to open our hearts and minds to love and light, and we can help to create a world that is filled with joy and peace.


Cosmic Guardians



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