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Meet Care'n Mooney Reiki Master Teacher, Soul Interpreter, Personal Mastery Coach

LIVE Broadcasting on Facebook Wednesday March 27th 2024, Special Guest Care'n Mooney Reiki Master Teacher, Soul Interpreter, Personal Mastery Coach PLUS More

Watch the REPLAY on Facebook at or on YouTube below

Care’n Mooney is the Creator of Liquid Energy Healing Light Center located in Mesa Arizona US and honored Cosmic Guardians as a Special Guest Wednesday March 27th 2024. Care’n will keep joining us regularly as a Co-Host. We are so grateful for this honor.

Take Your Relationship from FINE TO FANTASTIC

Bring true intimacy back into your relationship and reignite the passion, pleasure, and purpose of the divine union, Life has a way of getting in the was of a relationship. Care'n has created a day long PLAY DATE for couples who have a strong connection. This day allows them to discover and strengthen their intimacy skills. When you are truly able to be your authentic self, you can become an authentic couple. take your relationship to a more powerful,and more pleasurable place with a new level of intimacy and energy.

Care'n Mooney

LIGHT stands for

L = Learned

I = Integrated

G = Guided

H = Healing

T = Therapy

The Seed of Transformation: Cultivating Divine Love for a Brighter Future

The tapestry of the future is woven in the present, thread by thread. This profound truth forms the cornerstone of Care’n Mooney's vision. Care’n, a beacon of inspiration and unconditional love, isn't asking the age-old question of "which comes first, the chicken or the egg?" Instead, she proposes a revolutionary approach: empowering parents to become the architects of a transformed world.

Love: The Fertile Ground for Visionaries

Care'n understands that lasting change begins with the heart. Her revolutionary approach focuses on nurturing "Divine Cosmic Couples". This institute fosters spiritual intimacy, a profound connection that transcends the physical and elevates daily life. Unlike the erosion of passion that often plagues marriages, these couples cultivate a 24/7 connection, encompassing emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical aspects.

The Divine Spark: A Catalyst for Evolution

Care'n emphasizes the transformative power of unconditional love. This love forms the foundation of a "Divine Cosmic Marriage," a potent union that inspires each partner to reach their full potential. This isn't about competition, but rather a complimentary union of unique male and female energies that creates a "third energy": a marriage built on love that elevates not only the couple but also their children and the world around them.

Unveiling the Wisdom Within: A Masterful Duo

Care'n's presentations are a captivating blend of wisdom and humor. Partnering with a "Male Interpreter" who speaks "fluent male," she bridges the gap between genders, fostering understanding and connection. This dynamic duo ignites a spark in couples, rekindling true intimacy on all levels.

From Battleground to Sacred Communion

Care'n re-frames the age-old "Battle of the Sexes" as a "Communion of Souls". By igniting the spark of true intimacy, she empowers couples to create strong, loving unions built on purpose, pleasure, and passion. This powerful bond fosters a blissful harmony that inspires not only the couple but also their offspring.

Legacy of Love: Inspiring Generations to Come

Care'n's message is one of inspiration, not correction. By fostering unconditional love in couples, she believes the concept of "Divine Marriage" can be reborn. This translates into a ripple effect, with strong, loving couples raising children who relate positively to themselves, others, and the world. Care'n's motto, "Different does not mean broken", emphasizes her core belief: to inspire, not to fix.

A Life Dedicated to Service

Care'n's journey to becoming a beacon of inspiration is a testament to her dedication. Years of self-discovery, travel, and unwavering passion have culminated in a profound awareness of self-mastery. Guided by Universal Wisdom and fueled by a desire to serve humanity, she shares her insights with the world.

A Vision Realized: Cultivating Harmony

Care'n's experiences, including extensive travel to sacred sites and her training as a Reiki Master Teacher, have shaped her unique approach. Combining wisdom from ancient traditions with her connection to higher dimensions, she has developed the ability to communicate with the soul. This gift, coupled with her unwavering passion, has led her to her higher purpose, to be able to help the souls who are seeking a greater understanding of themselves so they can be of assistance as we move into higher vibrations of the 5th dimension.

Benefits of Universal Clearing     

This allows you to release negativity, cell memories, karma, Akashic records, and any agreements placed on you in all life times and anything foreign that is not for your highest good.

Help with Grief Restoration    

Loss of a loved one, human or animal, can leave a void that seems unbearable. Care'n understands this on many levels. One way is that she has shared the tears and triumphs of guiding her eldest child, Jimmy, through the challenging journey of physical transition. You are not alone.

More than Meditation

Care'n leads you into a deep relaxed meditation that holds the energy of the Oneness. Here you can experience peace and awareness. She gently brings you back. After the meditation she shares a Q&A- time to help you fully understand your experience which helps empaths to navigate the world. Care'n is dedicated to assisting Indigo's and Empath's on how to set boundaries and restore their own energy. Indigo's and Empath's are here to help bring in the higher frequencies of the 5th dimension.   

Looking for Insight and Understanding

If your feel you do not fit in to this complex world and are out of sync with the rest of humanity. You are vibrating on a higher frequency so it seems that you do not fit. You may be an empath. You feel things more deeply and have a longing to help and be of assistance to others and to the world.  Care'n can light your way to a greater  personal awareness. The world is waiting for you. Care'n's dedication is to assisting Indigos, Empaths, and Light Workers on how to set boundaries and rebuild their own energy. You are all very valuable, and the world needs your unique energy.

Care'n Mooney's Vision is a call to action. By nurturing love we can cultivate a future filled with harmony and purpose. The future, indeed, begins here and now. Her mission is to help Indigos, Empaths, and Light Workers become their very best version and to discover their potential so they can help bring in the higher frequencies.

A Personal Note from Care'n

I love helping people, but I've learned that I can't reach everyone. The angels made that clear to me. It happened during a rescue mission. We were there to save lives, and I threw out life jackets to three people in distress. All of them were yelling for help.

The first person just stared at the life jacket, continuing to scream without taking any action. The second person put it on but remained hesitant, not swimming towards the boat. Only the third person, after putting on the jacket, actively swam to the side and raised their arms, clearly seeking our assistance.

This experience taught me a valuable lesson: there's no good or bad, right or wrong. Everyone is on their own journey. I realized I'm meant to help those who are ready to embrace a higher level of awareness, and there are others out there to assist those who aren't quite there yet.

About Care'n Mooney

40 years as a

Certified REIKI Master Teacher

Personal Mastery Coach

Soul Interpreter

Master Intuitive

Medical Massage

Certified Couples (Relationship) Coach

Spiritual Journey Mentor Personal Mastery Coach

Inspirational speaker

Care’n Offers Professional Sessions About

Reiki Sessions (Original Usui Reiki), all ages and animals 

Reiki Classes (Original Usui Reiki)

Personal Mastery Awakening

Relationships - Self, Couples, Family, Empaths, Karma

Grief Resolution

Meditation - Weekly Open Heart Meditation

Soul Interpretation - Answers from Your Soul

Light Activation

Universal Clearing - Cords & Karma

Coaching & Mentoring

Classes on the Celestine Prophecy & The Four Agreements

... PLUS more

Find Care’n, learn more and connect with her at 

Phone: 480-250-1815

Love & Light

Cosmic Guardians



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