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Elevating Your Vibrational Frequency: A Guided Meditation with Diana Cooper

As we embark on our spiritual journeys, the need for continuous vibrational attunement becomes increasingly evident. To assist in this process, I invite you to join me in a transformative initiation and meditation inspired by the teachings of Diana Cooper, a renowned spiritual leader.



Before commencing this meditation, find a quiet and comfortable space where you can be undisturbed. Ensure your physical comfort by wearing loose-fitting clothing and sitting or lying down in a position that allows for relaxation and ease.

Meditation for the 5th Dimensional Chakras with Diana Cooper

This is a great exercise to work some of the higher chakras into your bodies and aura. The initiation and meditation have served as a powerful tool for vibrational attunement, aligning you with the higher frequencies of love, peace, and harmony. By regularly incorporating such practices into your spiritual journey, you can continuously elevate your consciousness and experience the profound benefits of spiritual transformation.

Meditation and Initiation into the 12 5th Dimensional Chakras

  1. Find a place where you can be undisturbed and quiet. Sit with your spine straight and comfortable.

  2. Breathe into your feet on the floor and let them become relaxed and heavy. Then breathe slowly up and down your back, relaxing it.

  3. Imagine the Stellar Gateway as a golden ball 12″ or 30 cm above your head. At last your spiritual achievements, earned through many lifetimes are recognized and you can open the ball into a flower to draw in Source energy.

  4. Below it the magenta Soul Star, your higher self, glows with light. Cleanse it with the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame, then allow the petals to open, so that the divine light from above flows into the Soul Star.

  5. Above the head is the pure white Causal Chakra, the higher mind, bringing in the qualities of all-seeing and all-knowing and allowing you to open to higher wisdom. Again allow the petals to open so that the divine light from above flows into it.

  6. Bring the Source light down into crystal clear thousand petalled lotus at the crown of your head.

  7. Then down into the crystal ball in your third eye.

  8. Then into your royal blue throat chakra, preparing to be the Voice of the Universe and to co-create with Archangel Michael.

  9. Down into the pure white heart chakra filled with Christ Consciousness.

  10. Down into the deep gold solar plexus. Now you dissolve all your fear and that of people around you.

  11. Down into the orange navel chakra.

  12. Down into the delicate pink sacral chakra, full of tenderness, love and transcendent sexuality.

  13. Down into the platinum base chakra, where you connect with dolphin wisdom and have a solid spiritual foundation.

  14. Down into the black Earth Star 12″ or 30cm below your feet, holding your potential and the possibility of new beginnings.

  15. Let the Source energy flow through you into every cell of your body.

  16. Then let the Source energy flow through the ley lines to the Pyramids and sense it lighting them up and energizing them. Feel the connections to the stars being re-established.

  17. See Mother Earth receiving the pure energy and healing herself totally.

  18. Thank Source for all you have received and close down by imagining the petals of each chakra closing, if you wish to.

Releasing Fear: A Guided Exercise with Angelic Support

Fear, a common human emotion, can insidiously hinder our ability to fully embrace life's experiences and realize our true potential. It can create imbalances within us, preventing us from living the life we desire. With the unwavering support of our angels, let's embark on a transformative exercise to release fear and reclaim our freedom.

  1. Relax and breathe calmly and evenly.

  2. Invite an angel in to help you release your fear and the tension it causes in your body.

  3. You may like to think about your fear or simply breathe into any tense part of your body where you hold fear.

  4. Allow a picture, memory or symbol to float into your mind.

  5. Relax while the angel or angels pull the picture, memory or symbol from you. Allow them to dissolve the fear in light.

  6. They will now show you a positive picture or symbol which will help you to feel strong.

  7. They are placing this symbol either into your third eye or into the part of your body which was tense.

  8. Thank your angels and open your eyes.

This exercise, empowered by the guidance of your angels, serves as a powerful tool for releasing fear and reclaiming your inner strength. By regularly incorporating such practices into your daily life, you can break free from the shackles of fear and embrace life with renewed courage and confidence.

Love & Light



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