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Meet Bob Eden discussing "The KISS Principle, Keep It Simple Sovereign"

LIVE on Facebook & YouTube Wednesday June 19th 2024 US & EU, Thursday 20th AU. We had the honor to have Bob Eden as a Special Guest on April 3rd 2024 US & EU, Thursday 4th in AU.

Bob has a great mission in his life and help many coping with and overcoming depression. He is a role model and inspiration for how to turn your life around.

Bob Eden’s life is a testament to resilience and hope. A divorced father and retired maritime officer turned author and counselor, he’s a beacon for those battling depression. His philosophy? Healing comes from within, by listening to our heart and body. Bob’s journey of self-discovery, inspired by Re-evaluation Counseling, shows that we possess the inner tools for healing. He emphasizes that true knowledge lies in our feelings, not just our thoughts, and encourages taking full responsibility for one’s life. His diverse background as a sailor, musician, and advocate for men’s well-being, enriches his approach to guiding others. Bob’s message is clear: “Feelings are healings,” and everyone can navigate their way to a brighter horizon.

Watch past episodes with Bob Eden and read more about him below.

Watch the REPLAY from April 3rd/4th 2024 on YouTube at

Watch the REPLAY from April 3rd/4th 2024 on Facebook at

Bob Eden

Bob Eden is a published author, divorced, retired, father, fitter/turner, maritime engineering officer, chief research technician, oil formulation scientist, project engineer, bosun's mate, watch leader, ship's captain, shanty-man, counselor, depression recovery specialist, men's well being advocate, stage performer, folksinger, festival manager, musician, tall-ship sailor, sage and survivor! 

From the Engine Room to the Healing Room: A Captain Conquers Depression

This isn't your typical story of a depression recovery specialist. Bob Eden isn't a doctor in a white coat; he's a man of the world – a sailor, engineer, and artist who has weathered the storms of life, both literal and metaphorical. His journey began in 1984, when depression first took hold. The psychiatrists and psychologists told him it was a life sentence and it took Bob twenty years to realize they were lying, so he threw them and all pharmaceuticals away and went within to find his own soul-utions!

A Life Less Ordinary

Bob's background is as rich and varied as the seas he once sailed. From fitter/turner to ship's captain, his resume reads like an adventure novel. Even in retirement, his spirit for exploration continues – on the stage as a folksinger, advocating for men's well-being, and most importantly, sharing his unique path to healing from depression.

The Power Within

Inspired by Re-evaluation Counseling, Bob embarked on a mission of self-discovery. He believes the key to overcoming depression lies not in external solutions, but in listening to our own inner compass – the heart and body. His message is refreshingly simple: we all have the tools within us to heal.

Freeing Yourself from the Captain's Chair of Despair

Bob offers a compelling alternative for those struggling. His free downloadable story is a testament to his belief that recovery is possible for everyone. He doesn't claim to have all the answers, but his empathy and lived experience shine through. He's a guide, a fellow traveler on the hero's journey of overcoming depression.

More Than Words: A Call to Action

Bob's story extends beyond the page. He invites readers to join his mailing list, delve deeper with his free videos, and explore his books, all inspired by his own remarkable journey. His message is one of hope and empowerment: You are not broken, you are simply on a path of rediscovery.

Bob Eden's story is a beacon of light for those lost at sea in the darkness of depression. He's a captain who has charted his own course to freedom, and now offers a helping hand to guide others to safe harbor.

You Can Do It!

It was the pain of depression that gave Bob the energy to go within and find his own solutions, and he found them all, in his heart. 

Bob Eden I AM Master

Bob says: I could not think my way out, I had to FEEL my way out. "Feelings are Healings, hey?"

What this journey has taught me is that :

I AM the only Expert on My Life.

The Mind is always looking for Answers, but the Heart already Knows.

I AM Master and Commander of my life, and I do take full responsibility for this life that I do create, and many more insights.

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I know you are Ok, that there is nothing wrong with you. You just have to find the real you. I don't have your answers, but I might have some of your questions, and I AM always here to help. Love and Courage to you on your own Hero's Journey!


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Love, Light, Peace & Joy

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