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Personal Mastery: There is only one unique you; set it free by Care'n Mooney

Cosmic Guardians

I am perfectly imperfect

A masterpiece in concept motion awaiting another stroke of the brush, another note played, another spot added.

Another thought added. In my imperfect stage I am alive, watching the beauty unfold into becoming.

Each moment the tapestry changes, bringing new colors, sounds and thoughts, re-creating them.

The masterpiece is within me. I am the artist, I hold the brush, I am the conductor, I hold the baton, I am the writer, I hold the pen. I am the artist, I add the new colors, I add each note.

It is my symphony; it continues to expand into the universe. I am a work of art in progress, I am creator, I am perfectly imperfect.

Are you yearning to attain your personal mastery? Are you ready for truth and integrity, to find your authentic self, to become the master?

Do you want to unlock your personal power? Do you want to eliminate the obstacles that bind you? Are you ready to reach your amazing potential and all possibilities? Are you ready for the freedom of personal mastery, to leave behind other people’s assumptions about who and what you are about to become?

Looking Inside Embracing our positivity and negativity, and becoming who we are at the soul level, will bring all new and exciting experiences when we decide to have this earthly adventure.

We are gifted a family that will show us how to be human. Sounds and light vibrations will come while we are still in the safety of the womb. Our souls are learning sounds that will allow our emergence into a friendly environment and be more easily adjusted to our needs. Our family is also experiencing the world as they know it, which can be presented as safe or hostile, uplifting or not. All we encounter in this awakening forms how we will model our life.

Whether good, bad, or indifferent, we begin to form our own ideas. Are we valued, loved, smart, pretty, strong, or weak? The way we respond will determine how we are accepted or rejected. Is it safe to say something, do something, or do we need to fear each decision?

So, our true selves, after years of others’ opinions, begin to emerge. Sorting through the past, we gently learn to receive love from ourselves and then from others, knowing we have an endless supply of love. We can share it with all others forever and never run out. However, the flow can be easily blocked, dented, or broken to others, and the ability to feel the flow can be lost. First mastering that aspect of self is major.

by Care’n Mooney (January 16, 2007)


Cosmic Guardians



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