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Prayer & Meditation for Releasing

Prayer for Letting Go/Releasing

  1. I forgive all known or unknown people, spirits or anything else that ever wounded, hurt or cursed me.

  2. At the same time, I ask for forgiveness from all known or unknown people, spirits or anything else that I have wounded, hurt or cursed.

  3. I call on the Law of Forgiveness with Gods mercy for all situations, circumstances and events in my life and in all of my previous lives.

  4. I now call upon the Mighty Archangel Michael to cut all my old promises with his sword so that I am released from them.

  5. In the name of God and the Light, with Gods mercy, I now decide that all my promises, curses, contracts, dedications and implants made by myself or to myself are now repealed and changed despite of wherever they are made in this life or previous lives, in all parallel lives, in all Universes and in all of my bodies.

  6. I now demand the Angels that manages these promises to release themselves from their task.

  7. I AM totally free! (Repeat 3 times and it is done)

Meditation for letting Go/Releasing

  1. Ask your Guardian Angel to come to you.

  2. Take a few deep breathes.

  3. Exhale and surround yourself with pink light.

  4. Visualize a place where you think you might have been when you gave your original promise or imagine a magnificent temple.

  5. See for your inner eye, the people who were present when you gave your promise.

  6. See those who held any ceremony if there where one.

  7. Look around the temple or the place where you are. See all the people who witnessed your promise.

  8. If you have had many past lives, there might be hundreds of people who are still keeping your promise with their energies.

  9. Give the ring, or whatever else there is that symbolizes the promise, back to the person that gave it to you. If you had a chastity belt or a uniform, cape, a beggars bowl or any other symbol, give it back too.

  10. Tell the person who were in charge of the ceremony, to the person/persons you were bound to and all the people who witnessed the ceremony very clear, that you now release yourself from all your promises with all that ever came with it. Let them applaud your decision.

  11. Light a candle as a symbol of your freedom.

  12. Thank the Angels who supported your promises and tell them to release themselves.

  13. Walk out from the temple and in to the sunlight outside.

  14. Visualize that you celebrate your new free life.

  15. Open your eyes and smile. YOU ARE FREE!

Love & Light

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