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Pre-Booked Readings

Book a time for a LIVE Phone Reading. We are available certain hours each week and you can book a pre-payed Phone Reading through Skype Phone Call here. We also offer other sessions and readings such as Email Readings and Reiki and Biorhythm Healing.

We work with our Psychic Abilities, our Guides & Angels along with tools such as Angel- and Tarot Cards, Pendulum, Reiki Healing etc AND we can answer Specific Question as well as general. Just remember that general questions usually gives general answers. No question is too small or too big. Ask whatever you feel you need guidance around.

Remember that a reading provides a "scan" of the current energies surrounding you and your question at this moment in time. You can only choose for yourself but not for another person. We provide guidance for you on your path forward but cannot promise that there will be a specific event or matter coming in the future.

Love & Light

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