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Rise like the beautiful Phoenix you are ...

There is so much beauty on the spiritual path. So many teachings, so many signs to follow, so much energy in movement. Because we stand in the middle of our lives and we have this wish to explore and develop ourselves, it is easy to be caught up in all the things that happen around us.

I remember a period in my life around 2 years ago. I had been feeling very low in energy for a while and things seemed to be stuck around me. When we have those periods of stillness in our lives, it can feel very strange because things are just still and stuck. I know that I had wished for that because just prior to this annoying stillness my life had been like a roller coaster.

It is in those moments when the energy starts to move again that I used to "freak out" because when things start to happen around you, you will encounter all the things you just love and . . . all those things you are so immensely tired of that you don't ever want to see them in your life again.

But at the very moment you encounter something you don't like just observe it, embrace it and love it as the situation/issue/event it is. Because when you really look at the issue you don't like, when you really see it and accept it . . . You actually acknowledge it and when you do, you give up the resistance. When you give up the resistance, you can let it go and know that you where given the beautiful opportunity to make a whole new choice about what you encountered.

Many times, we keep so many of the issues we consider bad and negative for us alive, simply because we fight them.

So, Rise like the beautiful Phoenix you are ...

"Sometimes you have to die a little inside, in order to be reborn and rise again, as a stronger and wiser version of you"

Author unknown

Love & Light

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