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Rise like the beautiful Phoenix YOU ARE!


The path of spirituality is a journey of endless beauty and growth. It's paved with teachings, signs, and an ever-flowing stream of energy. Amidst this vibrant tapestry of experiences, it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life's events.

I vividly recall a period in my life around 2015 when I experienced a prolonged lull in energy. Everything around me seemed to stagnate, creating a sense of disquietude. Yet, I had longed for this stillness, a stark contrast to the roller coaster ride my life had been prior to that.

It was in the moments when the energy began to stir again that I would find myself feeling overwhelmed. As life's events unfolded, I would encounter both the things I cherished and the ones I desperately wished to escape.

But amidst these challenges, I learned a profound lesson – to embrace and observe the negative experiences rather than resisting them. When we truly confront and accept the things we don't like, we break free from their grip. We acknowledge their presence, relinquishing the struggle, and consequently, the power they hold over us.

In this acceptance, we gain the freedom to make a fresh choice, to navigate these challenges with renewed perspective. We recognize that our resistance is what keeps these negative issues alive.

Remember, the journey of spirituality is not about eradicating the challenges but about transforming our relationship to them. It's about cultivating the strength and resilience to embrace both the positive and negative, and emerge from each encounter wiser and more empowered.

So, Rise like the beautiful Phoenix YOU ARE!

"Sometimes you have to die a little inside, in order to be reborn and rise again, as a stronger and wiser version of you"


Love & Light

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