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Self-love by Care'n Mooney

Cosmic Guardians Care'n

Self-love is not selfish or self-centered. It is not about indulging yourself with everything you want, but rather about expanding your soul to encompass compassion and understanding of who you are and what you are capable of. Tapping into this gift enables you to have a greater capacity for loving others. We are all spiritual beings capable of great compassion and expressions of love.

As infants, we are the center of our world. No one expects anything of us as we are in the purest form of life. We accept our noses, our eyes, our bodies just the way they are. We marvel at our fingers and our toes without prejudice. We are not expected to be anything other than our precious, perfect selves.

As we grow, the outer influences of our parents’ expectations begin to tarnish our image of ourselves. We are told what is acceptable and what is not. We are told that a certain body shape for a certain sport or a certain activity is what we should accept. We are being programmed to live in the world of other people’s perceptions.

We are shaped by our culture, our family, and our belief systems, and we are told what we should like and dislike. Our very senses are put into question. Our senses may tell us that a person is not as they seem to be, and we may not want to be around them. Then someone in authority says, “Don’t be shy, it’s okay.” This begins to confuse our ability to make decisions. As we observe others, we may see someone in pain or crying, and then we are told that they are all right, contradicting everything that we feel and perceive. We learn not to trust our instincts and we begin to lose our self-love. We now depend on others to tell us how we should act, feel, and respond to situations.

The joy of reconnecting to who we know we are is like opening beautiful presents filled with endless gifts. As we begin to love and accept ourselves, we start to see things in a different light. We understand that our past experiences brought us to this place. Now, as we step into our own awareness, we can bless what we have experienced in the past and begin to have a different perception of ourselves. As we embark on this journey and let go of past perceptions, we release the past pain, disappointments, resentments, and fears.

By stepping into self-love, it allows us to move forward, armed with the tools to mold a new life for our new selves. When we accept and learn to trust our unique selves and regain our power, it brings peace to the present, to the now. As we grow from a child into an adult, we shed our former bodies as they change. Never mourning what we were at three or 12 or 15, we celebrate the new emerging awareness. Embrace the gift of self-love and accept its constantly changing new connection.

When we love ourselves and accept ourselves, we no longer seek to find it in things or people or accomplishments, because our self-love is always within. The more we reconnect with who we are and to this divine love, the more love we have for ourselves to share. We never ever need to take it from another.

I see you, I honor you, I appreciate you

© Care’n Mooney

Cosmic Guardians



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