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Some Thoughts about Healing

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I have been on this spiritual path for many years. I can truly say that when we seek the proper help, send out our wish for help and healing to the Universe and do our best to follow the guidance we receive, miracles do happen. Healing, growth and learning is a continuously ongoing process.

Healing very often have to take place in different layers and dimensions. A healing process can take a long time. It comes down to what needs to be healed, what we carry inside ourselves from earlier experiences and even other lifetimes. When you start the healing process, some issues will surface to you and most often the issues you are familiar with will come first. For instance, you know yourself and most of your patterns and behaviors. What you already are aware of will be shown to you. That will give you the opportunity to work those issues through. Then you feel relief and think that you are done and have learned your lesson. But actually, there are many layers of healing that has to take place. When you have gone through the first stages, there will most probably come deeper issues with the same theme. This often trigger emotions within and you feel discomfort. Sometimes anger, frustration and irritation.

When something triggers feelings that make you feel discomfort, it's a sign that you haven't released the specific issue. No matter how long you have tried to work on it. Because it's so challenging to see your own patterns and to know where they come from, there is sometimes need for accepting help from someone who have great healing abilities. Someone who can help you to heal the very root of the issue. The root may come from a previous lifetime or many lifetimes. It may stem from your childhood when you were so small that you don't have a conscious memory.

When healing starts, it's often very intense and you will encounter many things that are connected to your patterns and life lessons. It can be quite intense and sometimes you will feel low in energy. Don't give up at that point. Things surface to give you the opportunity to act and react on them in a different way.

It's also very vice to not talk to everybody about the healing and what you encounter. It's good to let issues come out of your system and talk about them only with a few. Remember, what you focus on will come to manifestation. You don't want to feed energies and problems that brings you down and lower your energies. If you talk much about and focus on the negative aspect of the issue you want to heal, you will feed that negative aspect and get more. You actually block the healing process by talking too much.

For each time you heal something you will heal it in a specific layer, so until the issue is healed in all layers, directions of time, all lifetimes, in all dimensions and in all of your bodies . . . the issue will keep coming back to you. That's when you don't want to quit.

A professional healer can really help you when you feel stuck or have no idea how to proceed. A good advice is to seek out a healer through recommendation of others who have seen someone they feel helped them. A good healer doesn't tell you what to do. It's your own task to go through the healing process. A good healer helps you to clear, clean and purify the root of the issues, let the issues manifest in your life and let you move through the process yourself. That's very important because the healing process is not something you can talk and think yourself through. You have to participate in order to grow. And you have to work through your patterns whilst having the support of the healer.

I say this from my own experience. Sometimes we get stuck and we do need help to grow through and heal our life lessons. Patterns and lessons often manifest in our body as uncomfortable symptoms and sickness. Listen to your body and the energies that surrounds you. All can be healed and true miracles can occur.

I can recommend you to read Louise L Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life" about body symptoms and what the probably issues are.

I can also recommend to sign up for any course about healing from Louise L Hay.

Love & Light

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