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Spiritual Guidance & Signs

We are surrounded by signs from the Universe, our spiritual guides and helpers, the Angels and the Ascended Masters. In reality all are signs. We see the reality that is based on what we believe, say, feel and think. When we see odd events that suddenly appear in front of us, it's most often our spiritual guides and helpers, the Angels and/or the Ascended Masters who shows us the way. Maybe we wished for something in an intense way or we might have asked for help with signs on how to choose when we find ourselves at a crossroad.

All has a meaning. Fragrances, colors, symbols, feelings, what someone says, music, a special song, a specific taste.

We have many senses and possibilities to receive spiritual guidance and signs. We can see both physically and with our inner eye. We can hear both physically and with our inner ear. We can feel feelings both physically in our body and mentally. We can smell fragrances both physically and in our internal mind. The body can suddenly feel heavy and dogged or light as a butterfly. We can sense the energy around us by all of a sudden feel like we are unattractive. It's often a sign that the energy is heavy and that the energy brings us down instead of lifting us up.

An example from my own life

I visited a museum with a friend recently, the Mediterranean museum. The energy and the mood was very special. We were both a bit tired from a day's work but after a short while the energy and the vibration started to raise. They have very special items at the museum. Almost all of them stem from ancient times. Items like figures of gods, ancient everyday appliances, statues, mummies, stone tablets and much more.

I always had a special relationship with Greece so some months ago I started to Google on Greek philosophers and poets, mainly from ancient times. I found Sappho, a female Greek poet, who passed away about 570 BC. According to the mythology she came from Lesbos, an Island in Greece. She wrote love poetry and I had never heard of her before. I can tell you that I lived in Greece several years and my Greek friends, who are not so versed in lyrics, don't know about her either.

So when we had wandered around in the museum and looked around in the museum shop I felt a strong draw to look for a book with poetry from Sappho. I read on the back of all the books that where on the shelf and it took me a while. I didn't find anything directly, but a title ”Classical Love Poetry” caught my eye. I took the book from the shelf and put a finger at random in the book. I found another old famous poet and when I leafed a couple of pages all of a sudden I found a poem by Sappho. When I get signs and guidance and find something that touches me this way it is a very uplifting experience.

I closed the book and went to my friend to show her what I found. She had never heard about Sappho either. I randomly put a finger in the book again and found another of Sappho’s poems. The book contains a selection of many different ancient poets and philosophers, so the poems from Sappho are not so many. I can say that I was really excited. I was given this as a ”gift” from my spiritual guides and helpers and the Angels. Sometimes they just want to help us raise our energy and vibration or they just want to show us with strong signs that they are with us. Then, we suddenly ”find” things we wished for. Nothing can be more energetically uplifting than signs and guidance like this.

A little about symbols, colors and numbers

When we interpret the colors, numbers, symbols and other, it's good to meditate on and fell what the different colors, numbers, symbols and other means to us. If you see the colors of pink . . . what do you think, feel and see then? Many of us connects pink with romance and love. If you see a windswept line that stands alone . . . what do you think, feel and see then? Numbers are often connected to messages from the Angels. The numbers can stand for many different things and there is much information on the Internet about the meaning of the numbers. Sometimes numbers have a special connection to ourselves. It can be the date of our birthday, a date on a special anniversary, a special phone number. When strong signs show up, it's a good idea to look on what happens around that sign. I see combinations of numbers very often. The first numbers is usually very eye catching and when I look around it usually comes more signs and numbers. When I interpret them together, there are most often very clear messages.

Love & Light

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