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Spirituality & Life

My wish is to spread joy, inspiration, confidence and to help you to develop on your spiritual path. The Angels love to have fun and they want us to enjoy our lives and to feel gratitude.

During my life there have been many different experiences, just like for most of us. I traveled through life encountering almost everything there is to go through.

As long as I can remember I've been spiritual and I have a memory about seeing a spirit woman, from the other world, lying on the living room sofa. I was not much older than 4 - 5 years. At that time I was afraid of spirits and ghosts so I ran into the bedroom and locked the door. My mother was sleeping in the same bedroom and I didn't go out until she woke up, several hours later. This was one of my first encounters with the other side. At least as far as I can remember.

After this experience, I had several encounters but it wasn't until the year 2000 that I really felt the urge to start my own personal spiritual journey. I lived in Greece at that time, about 10 years. There where many difficulties in my life and I felt the need to finally search for my personal spiritual path. During that time, the Angels started to come to me and just before I moved back to Sweden 2001 my real spiritual journey began.

It's funny, whenever we experience things we define as difficult. Then we start searching for answers and a true meaning with life. It was not easy to move. I had to start all over again with everything, somewhere to live, a job to support myself and everything else we need. But I had my newly discovered spirituality and I received a lot of guidance. Within 8 months I already had a job and an apartment and I was guided by my spiritual guides and helpers and the Angels every day.

There are many great spiritual teachers out there. They have all inspired and are inspiring me in some way, because I believe we all get pieces of the truth. That means that we need each other to develop.

During my life I have worked a lot with myself and my guides. I believe it's very important to work with yourself, especially if you want to help others with your spiritual work. You need to be a very clear channel so you can give clear information to others.

Today, I'm very grateful for all of the harsh experiences and for all the joy in my life because we don't learn when everything goes smooth and easy in our lives, do we? I believe we have to change our perception and see things just as they come and go. We see our world based on what we learned, our family’s valuations, our cultures valuations and all that we think. So, on the spiritual path we really want to develop. We need to break down our ego and clear out all of our blockages so that we can listen to our heart, our inner guidance and also receive clear guidance from all who are helping us. This is a tough journey. Sometimes, in the middle of evolving, it is not so nice. But when you have walked the lessons, integrated them in your life, relaxed for a moment, and look back . . . You see that you've really grown and learned a lot. Then you appreciate all the challenges and your own special development.

Everything comes and goes in circles and nothing is ever constant. Change is absolutely normal. Nothing stays ever still. But it's really worth every single thing we all have to go through.

So of course, all the above is my experiences and parts of my life, so your life will most likely look different. That is just as it should be. We all get our own lessons and what we need for developing ourselves. That is the beauty with the spiritual path. Nothing is ever the same for anyone.

Love & Light

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