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Story of the Candle

The spring of 2016, I went to Rhodes, Greece for a Holiday. I used to live in Rhodes for about 10 years 1991 - 2001. A big piece of my heart will always belong to Greece, the exceptionally friendly people and the whole atmosphere. There are many power places in Greece. It's an old and fascinating country with much and rich history. I had no idea that my ordinary trip would be so special. It turned out to be an extraordinary healing journey. I went to Rhodes for two and a half weeks and came back as a different person.

I'm not a religious person, I'm a spiritual person. But I really do enjoy and sense the great energy of rituals performed by religions throughout the world. This spring I visited a Greek Easter Ceremony the Saturday before Easter Sunday. It was unexpected and very deep for me. I brought a very special candle and light with me back to Sweden. The light from the candle contains thousands of years of history and much energy.

Read more about it through the link.

Holy light Lambadha, Λαμπαδα - Story of the Candle

Love & Light

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