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Sympathy vs Empathy by Care'n Mooney

I the Empath by Care'n Mooney
I the Empath by Care'n Mooney

I the Empath

I know your pain

I lent my strength

I share your heart

I hold it safe

I feel your tears

I share them with you

I feel your sadness

I surround you in my heart

As you find your way

I will hold the light

Empaths come from the heart and feel wholeheartedly what another person is feeling

© Care’n Mooney 2024

Sympathy vs Empathy

What are the subtle differences between empathy and sympathy? Why do we experience both, and how can we improve on that experience?

The word ‘sympathy’ is described as an expression of feelings of pity or sorrow for another’s misfortunes; it comes mostly from the ego.

The description of empathy is the ability to feel and understand others’ feelings, the ability to convey that feeling to the person who is suffering; it comes from the heart.

This can be seen in the way people describe sympathy: “I have sympathy for them, but I’m sure glad it wasn’t me,” or “It’s too bad that happened to him.” There are no real emotional feelings from these statements.

Sympathy comes from a separation; it helps keep you separated from the bad experiences another person is suffering - a way to stay out of touch with your own emotions. Sometimes, when people come from a place of sympathy, they want to fix the situation and do it according to how they perceive it should be handled.

A lot of times, sympathy comes from judgment rather than understanding. Unfortunately, at their time of need, people do not need to be judged.

Empathy and Empaths

Empathy is generally described as the ability to take on another’s perspective, see what they see, feel what they feel, and possibly understand and share the experience.

A true empath is much, much more; they pick up on the feelings and emotions. They feel exactly what the other is feeling; they can use this ability to be more caring and compassionate.

However, being that connected to another person requires a lot of strength. Empaths need to learn how to set boundaries and still be open to the feelings of another.

Being a true empath is not easy because you are open to other people’s feelings; however, learning how to set boundaries allows you to be more of service.

We can all become more empathic to people’s needs and be more considerate of the words we say.

People that show a lot of empathy follow these steps

  • They meet the person where they are and do not try to expect them to be handling things any differently.

  • They listen without judgment.

  • They listen with intent.

  • They listen without advice; they listen with understanding.

  • They listen with maneuverability.

I see you, I appreciate you, I honor you

© Care’n Mooney

Cosmic Guardians Care'n Mooney



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