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Love's Essence: Embracing Oneness

Love's true purpose lies in transcending judgment, a state attainable only through the release of the past's grip. The past, a mere echo of moments gone by, holds no power over the present. Yet, it lingers energetically when the ego clings to its vestiges.

love's essence

Letting go of the past entails acknowledging its irrelevance, its inability to shape the present. When we relinquish our grasp on the past, we embrace the unknown, the expanse of possibilities. This surrender opens the door to love's purest expression.

The ego, a construct of our earthly existence, thrives on separation, fostering fears of hurt and betrayal. It urges us to shield ourselves, to erect defenses against potential harm. However, in a world where no one can truly harm us, these defenses become unnecessary burdens.

The only source of pain lies in succumbing to the ego's whispers, in believing its divisive narratives. By releasing the ego's grip, we embrace our interconnectedness, our inherent unity. There are no inherently bad people; every being possesses a core of pure love.

Life's circumstances may prompt us to raise our defenses, to isolate ourselves from others. Yet, these barriers are mere illusions, veils that obscure our true nature.

True love embraces all aspects of another, devoid of conditions or restrictions. It does not seek validation or fulfillment from external sources; rather, it springs from within, from the very essence of our being.

No one holds the power to grant us true freedom or happiness; these gifts lie dormant within us, awaiting our discovery. The Divine, the essence of love, resides within each of us.

The ego's deceptive allure promises a savior, an external source of the love we yearn for. However, true love demands that we embody this yearning, that we shed the layers of ego and expectations.

In this state of liberation, we attract the love we seek, not because we seek it from others, but because we have found it within ourselves. The external becomes a reflection of our internal transformation.

Seeking love externally breeds guilt, perpetuating a cycle of unfulfilled expectations. Each relationship serves as a mirror, reflecting the areas that require our attention. No one is superior or inferior; we are all inherently perfect, awaiting the shedding of these veils.

Pursuing a relationship to fill perceived voids will only lead to disappointment. No one can bestow upon us the love we seek; it resides within, waiting to be unearthed.

Love is the realization of our oneness, the recognition that we are all spirits, united by an essence of unconditional love. The ego's illusion of separation fades away when we discover this love within ourselves, rendering external validation unnecessary.

Condemning aspects of a relationship while embracing others is a denial of true love. A genuine relationship embraces all aspects of its being, fostering acceptance and understanding.

What we fail to discover within ourselves remains invisible in others. Our inability to perceive and experience love's essence within hinders our ability to recognize it in others.

True love is not a destination but a journey of self-discovery, a path towards oneness and unconditional acceptance. When we embrace this love within, we transform our relationships and the world around us.

The above are my thoughts, inspired from A Course in Miracles

Love & Light


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