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Warrior Women With Angel Wings Illuminate Your Joy

Another captivating chapter in the inspiring series "Warrior Women with Angel Wings", I proudly announce my co-authorship in the exceptional book "Illuminate your Joy". This anthology overflows with personal narratives from spiritually awakened women worldwide. As the fourth installment in the series by author Sundi Sturgeon and her esteemed co-authors, this book unveils a symphony of empowering stories that will resonate with every reader. If you've missed the previous volumes or seek to embark on this transformative journey of self-discovery, you can find the books on Amazon.

A reviewer on Amazon eloquently captures the essence of this exceptional anthology:

“Illuminate your Joy” is the latest in an amazing anthology collection of inspiring, uplifting, experiential stories by our wonderful co-authors’ who share how they create Joy in life, no matter the circumstances. Read from experts in their respective fields of knowledge and understanding; some from their own personal experiences of overcoming abusive situations, all to help heal, illuminate, transform and enrich the lives of others. The stories in this anthology guide the reader how to BE: In the world, but not, of the world. Read on and illuminate your life with Joy as you connect with each author.

If you missed the other books in the series or want to read the books, you can find them on Amazon.

Love & Light



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