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Soul Profile Blocks & Restriction, Plan

Soul Profile Blocks and Restrictions: Unlocking Your Soul's True Potential

  • 45 min
  • Stockholm

Service Description

Your soul, an essence of divine light and love, holds within it a unique blueprint, a map of your life's purpose and potential. This blueprint can sometimes be obscured by blocks and restrictions, limiting your ability to fully express your soul's gifts and live a life aligned with your true calling. Identifying Your Blocks & Restrictions Blocks and restrictions manifest in various forms and on many levels, often stemming from past experiences in this lifetime or past lifetimes, limiting beliefs, or unresolved emotional patterns. These blocks can hinder your personal growth, preventing you from reaching your full potential. Releasing Blocks & Restrictions Recognizing and addressing blocks and restrictions is crucial for unlocking your soul's true potential. All souls are unique and this means that we all can have greater success when approaching matters in our own unique way, in ways that are in alignment with you. Awakening Your Soul's True Potential As you release soul profile blocks and restrictions, you will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, unlocking the extraordinary possibilities that lie within. You will experience a surge of renewed energy, a clearer sense of direction, and a profound purpose that drives your actions. Your relationships will deepen, your career will flourish, and you will radiate an authentic joy that touches those around you. Remember, your soul is a beacon of limitless potential, yearning to be fully expressed. By identifying and addressing soul profile blocks, you embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, unlocking the extraordinary possibilities that lie within. Embrace this journey with courage, compassion, and unwavering belief in your soul's ability to shine brilliantly. This is a program for 21 days when I will do a series of clearings, healings and work daily for you, to help clear the energies and bring you back to your unique soul's energetic statment as created by Divine Source in the beginning. -We work together for the 21 days and you will feel realigned, energetic and more clear about yourself. -3 phone calls 45 min each are included and we keep in touch through email as well during these 21 days. -I need up to 5 days to prepare your information and start to clear issues. -As soon as we start working together, we will have the first phone call through Skype, Messenger or Zoom, and book the other 2 calls after that. Extra phone calls can be arranged to an additional cost.

Cancellation Policy

Read more about my Policies, Terms & Conditions at You find them at the first tab when you open up FAQ. I am available for instant calls per min or flat rate at where you can call me directly when I am online. Terms, conditions and payment from Premium Chat service goes through Premium Chat can be found at

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