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Soul Realignment Clearing, 1 Session

Soul Realignment Clearing & Healing: Reclaiming Your Authentic Self

  • 30 min
  • 100 euros
  • Stockholm

Service Description

Soul Realignment Clearing & Healing is a one-time, powerful tool for personal transformation, enabling us to reclaim our authentic selves, embrace our soul's gifts, and live a life aligned with our true calling. By embarking on this journey of self-discovery, we open ourselves to a world of possibilities, where we can live with greater joy, purpose, and fulfillment. The Impact of Blocks & Restrictions Blocks and restrictions manifest in many forms, often stemming from past experiences, limiting beliefs, or unresolved emotional patterns. These blocks can hinder your personal growth, preventing you from reaching your full potential. You may find yourself stuck in repetitive patterns, feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from your true self. Common blocks and restrictions include: -Fear and Anxiety -Low Self-Esteem -Limiting Beliefs -Unresolved Emotional Issues Benefits of Soul Realignment Clearing & Healing Soul Realignment Clearing & Healing is a transformative process that helps release these blocks and restrictions, allowing your soul's true essence to shine through. This process involves connecting with your soul's record, the Akashic Records, to gain insights into your past lives, current challenges, and future potential. Through a combination of techniques, including soul retrieval, energy clearing, Akashic Records, and ancestral healing, Soul Realignment Clearing & Healing helps you: -Release the root causes of your blocks and restrictions -Release limiting beliefs and patterns -Heal unresolved emotional wounds -Activate your soul's gifts and potential -Align with your life's true purpose As you undergo Soul Realignment Clearing & Healing, you experience profound transformations in various aspects of your life: -Increased self-awareness and understanding -Greater clarity and direction -Reduced fear and anxiety -Enhanced self-esteem and confidence -Improved relationships -A deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment -A stronger connection to your soul's essence I will do the clearing and healing for you but I don't search for details, it will help clear your energies and bring you back to your unique soul's energetic statment as created by Divine Source in the beginning. The clearing and healing starts a healing process for you at a soul level that will be ongoing for up to 21 days. I need up to 24 hours to perform the clearing and healing for you, then we talk over the phone 30 min via Skype, Messenger or Zoom to help you gather understanding.

Cancellation Policy

Read more about my Policies, Terms & Conditions at You find them at the first tab when you open up FAQ. I am available for instant calls per min or flat rate at where you can call me directly when I am online. Terms, conditions and payment from Premium Chat service goes through Premium Chat can be found at

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