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Meet Special Guest AdelinaH discussing "Angels & Miracles Beyond the Ordinary"

Cosmic Guardians LIVE Wednesday June 26th 2024

Join Hosts Anne & Care'n welcoming Special Guest AdelinaH, all the way from Sweden discussing "Angels & Miracles Beyond the Ordinary"

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AdelinaH: A Journey of Transformation

Adelina, a woman of strength and grace, embarked on a self-discovery journey from Finland to Sweden. Her linguistic prowess extended beyond three languages. As an executive assistant, she demonstrated resilience. Now, drawn to spirituality, she explores astrology, meditation, and angelic realms. Her story inspires us all.

Cosmic Guardians

This time Adelina will talk about her experiences with Angels, Ascended Masters, miracles and signs and how to connect with the Angels.

AdelinaH has been a guest on our show before. Read more about AdelinaH and connect with her at AND AND check out her previous show with us at

Angels & Miracles Beyond the Ordinary: Navigating the Unseen Realms


In the tapestry of existence, there are threads that weave beyond the visible, beyond the mundane. Angels and miracles—those ethereal beings and extraordinary events—reside in the interstices of our reality. They beckon us to explore the numinous, to embrace wonder, and to question the boundaries of what we know. Let us embark on a journey into the mystical, where the ordinary dissolves, and the extraordinary emerges.

Angels: Guardians of the Ineffable

Angels, those luminous messengers, bridge the gap between the finite and the infinite. Their presence is both intimate and cosmic. Here are glimpses of their roles:

  1. Guides and Protectors: Angels accompany us through life’s labyrinth. They whisper courage in our darkest hours, shield us from unseen dangers, and nudge us toward our purpose.

  2. Wings of Healing: Angelic touch heals not only physical wounds but also the fractures of the soul. Their wings fan hope into flame, stitching brokenness with threads of light.

  3. Threshold Guardians: At life’s crossroads, angels stand sentinel. They guard the gates of birth, death, and transformation. Their eyes hold the wisdom of eons.

Miracles: When the Veil Thins

Miracles, those ruptures in the fabric of reality, defy natural laws. They remind us that the cosmos harbors secrets beyond empirical understanding:

  1. Synchronicities: The meeting of unlikely threads—a phone call at the precise moment of need, a chance encounter that alters destiny—these are whispers of the miraculous.

  2. Healing Touch: When science falters, miracles surge forth. A terminal diagnosis reversed, a blind eye restored—these are the fingerprints of grace.

  3. Divine Intervention: Miracles emerge when the veil between worlds flutters. A storm diverted, a lost child found, a broken heart mended—the cosmic weaves its magic.

Seeking the Extraordinary

How do we invite angels and miracles into our lives?

  1. Openness: Cultivate inner stillness. Listen for the rustle of wings, the soft murmur of guidance. Angels tiptoe through silence.

  2. Gratitude: Acknowledge the ordinary as extraordinary. Each breath, each sunrise—a miracle. Gratitude opens portals.

  3. Belief: Whether through prayer, ritual, or quiet knowing, believe in the unseen. Doubt is the fog that obscures miracles.


Angels and miracles—threads of light woven into our existence. They beckon us to dance beyond the ordinary, to embrace the numinous, and to remember that wonder resides in the gaps. So, let us raise our eyes to the sky, our hearts to the ineffable, and our souls to the miraculous.

Disclaimer: This article explores spiritual and metaphysical themes. Interpretations may vary, and skepticism is welcome. Angels and miracles remain ineffable mysteries, inviting awe and curiosity.

Love, Light, Peace & Joy

We See YOU, We Appreciate YOU & We Honor YOU

Cosmic Guardians with 

Special Guest AdelinaH & Hosts

Cosmic Guardians



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