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Host at Cosmic Guardians, meet Care'n Mooney

We proudly present our NEW Co-Host at Cosmic Guardians, Care'n Mooney who was a Special Guest on the show on March 27th 2024. It is a true delight and honor to have Care'n on the team and she will join us LIVE as much as she can. Read more about Care'n Mooney below and at

Care'n Mooney

Welcome Care'n and so looking forward to doing shows with you!

Care'n Mooney, a Reiki Master Teacher, Soul Interpreter, Spiritual Journey Mentor, Personal Mentor, Master Intuitive, Inspirational speaker and a relationship expert, offers workshops for individuals on their spiritual journey and to help couples strengthen their intimacy and communication. Her workshops combine wisdom from ancient traditions with her connection to higher dimensions. Care'n also helps Indigos, Empaths, and Light workers set boundaries and restore their energy.

About Care'n Mooney

40 years as a

Certified REIKI Master Teacher

Personal Mastery Coach

Soul Interpreter

Master Intuitive

Medical Massage

Certified Couples (Relationship) Coach

Spiritual Journey Mentor Personal Mastery Coach

Inspirational speaker

Care’n Offers Professional Sessions About

Reiki Sessions (Original Usui Reiki), all ages and animals 

Reiki Classes (Original Usui Reiki)

Personal Mastery Awakening

Relationships - Self, Couples, Family, Empaths, Karma

Grief Resolution

Meditation - Weekly Open Heart Meditation

Soul Interpretation - Answers from Your Soul

Light Activation

Universal Clearing - Cords & Karma

Coaching & Mentoring

Classes on the Celestine Prophecy & The Four Agreements

... PLUS more

Find Care’n, learn more and connect with her at 

Phone: 480-250-1815

Love & Light

Cosmic Guardians



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