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Get YOUR personalized Mandala or GIFT a Mandala to someone you care about

Personalized Mandala

This is a great gift idea to someone you care about. It can be a challenge sometimes, to find that gift that is both personal and at a great


A mandala is the universal symbol that holds a spiritual energy. Because this mandala will be created from your name and date of birth, or for someone else of your choice, it will hold the energies of the person it will be created for. A unique and special gift.

This is a beautiful creation that can make a beautiful feature in your home or environment, creating a wonderful personal energy.

We also gift a personalized prayer with all mandalas if you would like one. It contains a Divine Blessing.

The mandala is size A4, 29.7 x 21 cm and we send it as a PDF file for you to print out and place in a beautiful frame if you so like. We need 3-4 working days to deliver it in your inbox.

Order YOUR Mandala at

A little inspiration and some examples:

Made exclusively through Angelplace on Earth

What others say:

"It is a very beautiful and indeed personal gift. I gifted a mandala to a dear friend and she was very happy for it. I framed it for her and she can even feel the energy" Joanne

"Thank you for this idea and opportunity to have a very, special, energized mandala. I ordered for myself and I am so very grateful. Thank you!" Linda

"I have not seen anything like this before and I had a mandala made for me and my precious partner. I will come back for more mandalas to gift to special friends. I loved the prayer as well" John

Love & Light



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