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Readings & Sessions

I do readings about specific questions, a concern you might have about finances, romance, work, wellbeing and/or other. I also do readings that focuses on your Spiritual Path and what you may need right now to proceed forward. You will get a better understanding of your personal spiritual development.

I work with my Psychic Ability, Guides and Angels along with tools such as Angel- and Tarot Cards, Pendulum, Reiki Healing etc ... AND I can answer Specific Question as well as general. Just remember that general questions usually give general answers. No question is too small or too big. Ask whatever you feel you need guidance around.

Remember that a reading provides a "scan" of the current energies surrounding you and your question at this moment in time. You can only choose for yourself but not for another person. I provide guidance for you on your path forward but cannot promise that there will be a specific event or matter coming in the future.

I offer Pre-Booked Readings as Phone Readings, Reiki Distance Healing, Email Readings and Soul Realignment Readings. I am also available with Text Chat, Video Chat and International Phone Calls through Psychics Secrets and Premium Chat at

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Much Love & Light

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