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Soul Realignment Readings, Clearings & Healings

Uncover Your Soul's Energetic Signature and Profile: A Journey to Divine Origins Embark on a profound exploration to unveil the unique energetic essence and profile of your soul, a reflection of your divine origins. Through this transformative journey, you will delve into the depths of your being, uncovering the core characteristics, aspirations, and purpose that define your soul's expression.

Embrace the Whispers of Your Soul As you embark on this path of self-discovery, allow the subtle whispers of your soul to guide you forward. These whispers, often carried through intuition, dreams, and synchronicities, hold the key to unlocking your soul's true nature.

Unravel Your Soul's Energetic Blueprint Delve into the intricate energetic blueprint of your soul, deciphering the patterns and vibrations that resonate deeply within your being. Discover your soul's dominant energy ray, revealing your core strengths, talents, and areas of growth.

Unearth Your Soul's Purpose and Mission Unveil the profound purpose and mission that your soul has been called to fulfill in this lifetime. Recognize how your unique gifts, talents, and experiences align with your soul's overarching mission, bringing meaning and fulfillment to your life's journey.

Integrate Your Soul's Essence into Your Life As you gain a deeper understanding of your soul's energetic signature and profile, integrate these insights into your daily life. Allow your soul's essence to permeate your thoughts, actions, and relationships, fostering a harmonious alignment between your inner and outer worlds.

Embrace the Eternal Connection to Divine Source Remember that your soul is an inseparable spark of divine Source, eternally connected to the boundless love and wisdom of the universe. Through this realization, you tap into an infinite reservoir of guidance and support, empowering you to live a life aligned with your soul's true purpose.

Soul Realignment Readings & Healings are a beautiful, powerful healing modality that sheds light on who you are at a soul level and what you have in your Akashic Records that affects you in this life. The findings come with clearing and healing, which gives you a reset by removing blockages and restrictions in all existens of time and space. It starts a healing process where you will experience relief, ease, a reset and a sense of coming back to your true self. It is important for you to know that all healing processes sets many different energies in motion. This can mean that old matter come to surface and this is beautiful because it brings you the option to make new choices, as your renewed version of yourself.

A reading provides a "scan" of the current energies surrounding you and your question at this moment in time. If you think of your history as a soul, you have many, many past lifetimes and the purpose and meaning with this healing work is to bring forward matters that are currently affecting you here and now.

You can only choose for yourself but not for another person. Energy work is included and a clearing will give you that reset, so that you can continue forward as your new, best version. Your willingness to work on yourself will give you many opportunities to "shed" your skin and to become greater versions of yourself along the way.

We provide guidance for you on your path forward but cannot promise that there will be a specific event or matter coming in the future since this is up to YOU to create. When we acknowledge that we are the ultimate power in our own lives, we stand strong in that personal power of ours. Remember that all healing is a process and it is therefore beautiful. Give yourself the gift of embarking on a wonderful journey towards discovering yourself.

I offer a few different options for you to choose from depending on what you need at a specific time. If you have a specific request for something you need help with, please contact me at

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