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Yin & Yang - Harmony & Balance by Care'n Mooney

Yin & Yang - Harmony & Balance by Care'n Mooney
Yin & Yang - Harmony & Balance by Care'n Mooney

Yin & Yang - Harmony & Balance

I AM a Unique Being I AM Compassion

I AM a Warrior

I AM the Light

I AM the Dark

I AM the Day

I AM the Night

I AM the Sun

I AM the Moon

I AM Feminine Energy

I AM Masculine Energy

I AM a gentle Breeze

I AM a Hurricane

I AM Knowledge

I AM Doubt

I AM the Opportunity for Greatness

I Carry Harmony and Balance by Being Both,

I AM Unique

© Care’n Mooney 2024

We possess both feminine and masculine energy. Our feminine energy is creativity and compassion, while our masculine energy allows us to take action to bring that creation to fruition.

We have light and darkness, yin and yang, within our being. We need both to be complete. Learning to embrace all of our aspects and become whole gives us the capacity to handle whatever life presents. The light brings compassion and understanding, the dark brings the strength to do what must be done. Learning to use both will bring balance and harmony within yourself. This is the way of the master.

When Capt. Kirk was split in two while being transported, his negative self was going around creating chaos and trouble. His other half could not make a simple decision and was too meek to take command. It was only when he embraced both parts of himself that he was in balance and able to have the strength to be compassionate.

This is not a battle between the two; it is a compassionate compromise. To live in harmony using strength guided by the light.

We are given many opportunities to experience the extremes of living in a world where we are faced with dualities that are almost complete opposites. For some reason, people are more prone to believe the negativity and the pessimism that is spread rather than finding a positive light in which to see the world.

Einstein said we should ask ourselves if this is a friendly Universe or not. We have to choose whether our experience is a happy experience or a sad experience.

By developing self-love and self-mastery, it gives us the tools to recognize the negative perceptions of those around us, being able to let go of past injustices, and then bless our past and move into the present looking through the eyes of possibility.

When we have a different perception of what we see, we will be able to resolve a situation in a much more harmonious way. The world needs both the yin and yang. We have the night and the day, we have spring and fall, we have summer and winter. Each season gives us an opportunity that is different than the season before. Without the passing of one season, we would not be able to have the birth of the next season.

Life has given us many experiences and ways to learn to navigate the waters, and this is the journey. We are given a choice of being light and inspiration or to follow the peer pressure to respond in darkness. We always have a choice. We can do something or do nothing at all, we can respond or not respond. You can stay in bed or get out of the bed. Every choice has a different outcome.

If we choose balance and harmony as a way to move through life, we are willing to walk in light and integrity, bringing balance to a very challenging world. We must bear witness to the pain and confusion, bring healing light and energy, and find a different way to bring a different outcome.

We, of this generation, are being given the greatest challenge in the history of man. We are facing the eradication of being human. We are being told that it’s not enough to be human. We need to enhance it with technology. We should no longer bring children into the world that have not been enhanced or created through science. We are being told that we need technology implanted in our bodies. To be smarter, healthier, and better. We are a very young species; we have not yet learned our own capabilities. We have within our being the ability to out think any artificial intelligence, heal catastrophic illnesses, which has also been proven scientifically.

There are some in our society that are determined to change our ability to have compassion, understanding, and even love, stating that these are useless, and they make us weak. Each time something horrific happens, we are told that it is not what we perceive it to be. What would normally bring a very visceral reaction has been watered down so the next time something horrific happens, we accept it as normal.

At the beginning of World War II, when people were watching their neighbors being rounded up and taken to the train station, they were told that these people were being moved to a safe place. In their minds, they could not conceive of the ideas of death camps.

During the Vietnam war, Dan Rather, an on-the-ground reporter, was documenting what was happening over there. When he saw the watered-down version of what he had sent back to the newsroom, he was appalled. He was told that we would not be able to handle the atrocities, and rightly so, for if we are given the opportunity to see things as others are experiencing them, our version of life would definitely be offended.

If it is offensive, it should be offensive, and we should be offended. We should be allowed to find a way to bring light to the situation instead of pretending it did not happen.

Self-mastery and self-love do not mean living life in a cocoon, it means finding a positive solution and following through.

We literally are on the cusp of human annihilation, and we, the masters of ourselves, the bringers of light, are called forth to stand and be heard.

We hold the light, we hold the love, we can change the vibration, we can change the energy. We all came here at this particular time to be of service to Gaia, to humanity.

I see you, I appreciate you, I honor you

© Care’n Mooney

Cosmic Guardians



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